Autumn in the Archipelago

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Hey everyone!

I haven't posted any photography posts in a while, but seeing as winter is coming I thought it was about time to take some of the autumn here in Finland and share them with you all.

Another reason I haven't been out taking some pics is cause the glass on the camera got a crack on it so you might notice some J.J. Abrams lens flares on the photos, hope its not too annoying.

These photos are raw.
















Great Photos 👍

Autumn arrives in a golden splendid glory,
the dread of Winter approaches,
If you like cold dark days ignore me.

Cool I made a bit of a poem.

Haha, I don't actually yet I still live in Finland :P

I live in a village.
Small town i like.
I fell in love with Margaret at this autumn time.

She said "I am pregnant"
I started working as a photographer today
On steemit YEAAAAAAA


This is very beautiful, I really like the image. It has so much live in it. I'm really a big fan of the cold, this does it for me

Still taking a mighty fine picture despite the lens crack! Can't even really notice it!! Good to get the autumn shots in, winter always sneaks in faster than you realise :0)

Wow!!!! awesome and wonderful nature captures you catch on from wonders of the world @acidyo.
Such a fantastic autumn seasons with natural environmental mixing ones...
Nice place to stay, be relax and do mediation absolutely.
I give you 100% likes and appreciate about this photography.
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Have a colorful day!!!

Yep, winter is comming) Soon we will have a lot of snow here:)) Cool photos by the way 😁😉😉

Really nice photos, what camera did you use?

A Huawei P10 phone, has a Leica camera on it.

Oh wow, I am actually using Huawei P9 Lite :P
Lets exchange @acidyo :D

Seems not made from phone, maybe you have talent, congrats 😉 📷

Nope dude, Huawaei cam actually have really a good quality result.
I have taken some pics with my Huawei P9 lite, these are some of them.


oh man, it's a really good camera

@acidyo are you an professional photographer?? Beacuse photo look like clicked by professional photographer!

Lovely pictures @acidyo! Looks similarish to here. I love autumn colors.

Cheers to lens flares!

Autumn season very colorful and variant environmental mixing photography @acidyo. Finland is very beautiful country gods in creatively. No need to say any words. Glorious ones.
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Hiii dear @acidyo, what a splendid photography of autumn from finland, really heart touching, you are a great creator, thanks for sharing such a nice post.
If you have time then have a look on my post, hoping a positive response and support from you. Thanks a lot.

Wow very nice pictures it reminds me of how much I miss Europe and the Autumn and Winter time. All the different colors of the leaves on the trees in Autumn and the SNOW in Winter. Thanks for the nice reminder :)

Wow! Lots of High definition picture here. I think your camera len is just doing great as I don't see any abnormalities. Your place is really beautiful .

I trust in nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility. Spring shall plant and autumn garner to the end of time.- Robert Browning

Beautiful place and well captured photos. Nicely written. Really hope I get to see and write about this place one day. Keep it up

These pictures are so beautiful, I really miss Finnish nature! I don't miss the dark and the cold though, in Long Beach it's still full summer with 33 degrees hot today :P

/jealous :D

I love how you juxtapose shadows and light in the photos that include buildings. Nicely done.

Okay, I got the answer of one of my questions, where does @acidyo live? I thought you were Japanese, don't know why but it's clear now.

Awesome clicks!

I'd love to live in Japan. :D

Finland isn’t a bad country to live, infact we Pakistanis try hard t get scholarships in Finland Universities and most of them settle there.
BTW how about creating a whole decentralized country? Imagining now :D

some really great captures in there! 🌄 thx for sharing 😊 👍

Gorgeous photo's bro, I'm jealous that your autumn season looks a lot better than mine, lol. All of the tree's around here started dying because of the lack of rain and fairly long summer we had. We're still getting days here where it goes from being 50 degrees Fahrenheit up 80, so most of the tree leaves just died instead of changing color and slowly falling off.

On the plus side of that, I don't have to deal with bleak cold weather quite yet :P

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Wow very interesting @acidyo, I really like this photo

Hi @acidyo, I never knew that you are a very good photographer too. These are some amazing photos. If these are the results with a broken lens, you would be able to win contests. :)

Regarding Winter, here is something for you:

Excellent post!

Steem On!


You have to think again that photography will be a good prospect for you to post in Steemit. You are good in writing and photography as well.
Have a nice day.
Regard from Indonesia.

Beautiful place and well captured photos. Nicely written.

These picture give some cold wind to my eyes
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Thank you.........

Wooooooow incredible
Upvote 😊

Nothing beats harvest time in Lulea.

Sit back, loosen up and encounter a one moment voyage to a common yet mystical fall day in Lulea, Swedish Lapland.
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Wonderful autumnal moods you caught there

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I want to move to finland looks pretty much dead , a place I can live !

Well I am still potentially looking for a Scholarship in Finland, these images would boost my morale more :D

Another nice post.. thanks


nice photo buddy, I've made a post about @acidyo please visit my blog to see it

Autumn, also known as fall in American and Canadian English,[1] is one of the four temperate seasons. Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter, in September (Northern Hemisphere) or March (Southern Hemisphere), when the duration of daylight becomes noticeably shorter and the temperature cools down considerably. One of its main features is the shedding of leaves from deciduous trees.


Muy cuidadoso con el ángulo de cada foto, te felicito.

The beauty of northern Scandinavia is hard to beat... in the fall, or at any other time. The light grows pale and thin... and the shadows become very long.

I just love autumn so much, you have a chance to get incredible photos :) What kind of city in Finland is it by the way? I really like the nature there.

A Very nice place indeed Thanks for sharing @acidyo

all photographs are beautiful, and are highly artistic and rich artistic @acidyo

beautiful photo shoot, beautiful natural beauty in autumn beautiful with golden yellow color @acidyo

pretty! This is where you live? Lucky duck!

I can’t stop looking at this sunset!

Thanks for sharing @acidyo .

i love snow and playing in days

Awesome photos u have great photography skills seeing greenery pics is itself a meditation.

best photography! acidyo

Wow.. nice pictures

So beautiful pictures. Even I am not a fan of fall season, love them all.

Very nice place .

Esta muy hermoso gracias por compartirlo.

^^ halo @acidyo I hope you enjoy your time here, Good post, good luck! I will follow your account Feel free to contact or follow me anytime :-) See you do not forget to visit my blog @agussafrizal

Man it look so Serene and peaceful. How much does it cost to live in Finland? And only the second to bottom picture had any photo problems. The rest of the look really nice. Makes me want to cry on vacation lol

very beautiful scenery ,, i really like all about the scenery ,, my friend have made a post about you please visit to my blog.

Oh, autumn in Finland is so beautiful! I miss all the colors. In Long Beach there isn't really a fall, we still have sun and 33 degrees warm. But I'm not complaining ^_^

Such a beautiful place. Those trees and architecture is great. So peacefully

Thanks to provide Great New and Useful Information

I am getting a real pleasure discovering the autumn season from such post mate! I have never experienced this season ever in my life, in my country we have only winter and summer!
Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful shots of your country!

How cold is there now?

Autumn reminds me of how soon winter is coming. Golden leafs turn to dark, covered by the fine white snows. A call for Christmas soon! :)
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I am a food and travel blogger :D

Absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous phot. Thank you for sharing. @acidyo

wow nice colors and lights. we love autumn.

Good day @acidyo I appreciate all the info and hard work thank you :) Followed

I read before Finland peeps stick to their own space mostly. True?

Very amazing picture collection.
and why are some of those trees are yellowish ??

Autumn is the most beautiful season I am eating when I remember that winter is coming

Crack, doesn't matter . you know what is the real matter is ,your creativity which is on top.
Clicks proved it well.
happy autumn
great post as well as the clicks.all i can say is good luck for the beautiful autumn.

Wow, very beautiful :) Harmonious and colorful!

Pretty! The color change of autumn is so beautiful but fleeting! Awesome you were able to capture these 😊

Photo of beautiful autumn atmosphere

Photos are rawly DOPE!

I love photography and this post really impressive. I like the way you took it. I want to see more post of you. I followed you . :)

Those are beautiful! I love all the colors. looks very peaceful. The trees with the lake hiding behind the branches had me daydreaming <3

Oh, you're Finnish?? What time of the day last image was taken at?

Autumn colors warm up people and they prepare to soul to survive the cold winter.

I had no idea Finish Autumns were so beautiful!

For my eyes... it's definitely a feast. I am so used to green that those orange leaves stood out!

Beautiful :)

Hi @acidyo, great pictures. This places is so beautiful, perfect for long walking :)

I love the colors of the trees <3 Fantastic pictures :)

Wow! This is a great view.
Nice shot....

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