A walk around the neighborhood

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It's been 10 hours now since I haven't had a cigarette. Well, more like 18 combined with my sleep but that doesn't really count since I usually don't smoke in my sleep.

I was getting really restless, my hands were getting really hot and sweaty and my feet as well and I felt like I had to go and do something. Going out felt like a real challenge cause that's when I usually smoke the most but I felt like it would be better than just staying inside and walking in a circle.

I took my last nicotine gum that I had from last summer's attempt and some money and went out before the sun had even gone up. As it was rising I decided to take some pictures since most of the past days have been so dark and you have barely been able to see any light.

There are the times where you wish you had a much better camera than the one on your phone.






I have to admit I thought of smoking a lot of times as I was out walking.

In the store as I was standing still while looking through some new nicotine gum I could feel my heart-rate was really high. I continued walking home and need to get back to some gaming now to keep my mind busy.

Hope you enjoyed these photos.


Make sure that once you quit this time, you stay quit. For me, it means I don't smoke at all, ever - the habit comes back far too fast.

Holy smokes! That's your neighborhood? Let me pack my bags...oh wait! Corona!

You got this!!!

Today marks two years of no cigs for me.
Vaping helped ween me off and then vaping was super easy to quit.
Good luck to you. :)

People who get lung cancer has about 5 years to live. Just to add some spice to your motivation.

Not easy to shake the nicotine addiction, but the initial struggle is so worth it, as then all of senses like taste and smell return and the bonus is that the lungs get cleared!
All strength and blessings to your efforts!

Keep it up, It's been 3 months for me and I feel ten years younger!


Yes I'm that old.

What a beautiful sunset

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