Walk in the Park and a huge Minnow Slide!

in #photography4 years ago


I've been going out for walks daily now since it helps me fall asleep easier. It might also be that I had a harder time doing that during the big downtrend a few days ago. If you read my post the other day I hope it convinced some of you not to panic about your crypto investments and to hold tight, those of you who did should've had a much easier time getting some sleep during the correction yesterday. :)

Thought I'd submit this photography post on a different timezone than the usual ones so it reaches another part of my followers as well. Summer in Finland is not long and we don't get too many sunny days so I thought I'd make the most of it with my camera, hope you enjoy them! :)

Heading to the park!


Memorial of the second world war, it says "Freedom" in swedish and finnish, 1939-1945.



Can you tell what that is in the middle of this photo? Let's go closer!



Huge Minnow/Dolpgin Slide appears!



Moving on



If you feel like working out a bit during a jog, this park has you covered!


Ducks in a pond!






Remember to remain calm and hodl ;) Steem on, everyone!


I also like parks and walking in them.
In fact, I may go take a walk in a park soon.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Beautiful pictures!

I could almost smell the fresh air.

I wanted to go there.

Nice Pictures

So is there no quarantine in Finland?

Had me wondering the same thing!

wow, spectacular, thanks for giving me this spring oasis.
Greetings from Italy.

Just did a 13km yesterday, might go again on Sunday as we have some pretty bluebells out this time of year. UK summers are also pretty short... They're non existent usually 😁

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