My Seven Sunsets of All Time

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What am I,the Picasso of photography? No, but I will be some day, and till the day comes you'll have to digest what's on my cheap menu.

Today we have sunsets, and they are probably, if not sure, my top seven sunsets of all time. Moments trapped in colors.

They all have one thing in common though, besides beauty, and I hope for you to guess what's that thing.

It's not the feeling they express,or the tag of some challenge here on Steem, but it's in your eyes. Hope you'll like them sunsets and find the catch of the post.








Thanks for attention,


Jeez man, great photos! They're all good but I really like that second one.

Is that a face in that rock? Neat!

Phone or camera on these ones mate?

The second from the last one? Yes, it's the biggest rock sculpture in Europe. It has 50 meters in height and 25 width. It's the face of Decebalus, king of the Dacians.

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Pretty cool. Now I want to see it in real life.

I forgot, all smartphone photography. Thinking if buying a proper camera next year.

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Your phone does a great job!

My editing app as well 😉. Thanks.

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