Ghosts and Pirates

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Old stuff, spider webs, and dust never been my thing. Not to mention that I always hated skulls and every work of art that would involve one but, since I posted all sort of pics on my blog, I learned that almost anything can become a subject, and here you have my first ever skull pic. I walked on my ego and trashed my old concepts.





I on boarded yesterday on a Ghost Ship... for a cruise and... Well, actually I didn't. A neighbor owns a cruise ship that is quite old, I don't know how old really, produced and sailed in Finland, and is now the main competitor for our boat guys in the area. I don't remember entering it, last year when he brought it in here but, I felt like in a museum :)) Didn't want to be rude with the owner but I wouldn't cruise with this on the Danube, even if he would pay me. Feels too damn old and rusty.




From a photography point of view, an amateur one of course, I liked the artifacts, as these lamps that were surrounding the main hall of it. Some of them had light bulbs and that kind of spoiled the old flavor of them but, I guess they were still labeled as functional. I bet they were designed for candles but, again, didn't want to be rude with the owner. I've been into the captain's cabin as well and had a look at the wheel and control panel. The light however didn't helped me too much with taking pictures.




After having a closer look at a regular passenger ship, with a capacity of 120 persons, I do have a lot of respect for the captain. I might shake his hand when he comes for the first cruise this year. From that cabin you really can't see too much around you. I mean, from the edge of the ship you can barely see the deck when mooring. You really have to be skilled to do that and there's no auto parking for this old one.



Haven't become a fan of ships, even after getting a detailed look at this one. I prefer motor boats due to their speed, maneuverability, design and excitement that I get when on one. I don't like the lazy of em, of course. On the other hand this ship has quite some photography subjects, and once I get myself a camera, I might get on it once again. As you can see, in the last pic, they're quite prepared in fighting pirates, aren't they? Hence we can call the ride a safe one. Have a great one and...

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