Cool Picture Of The Sunset

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A beautiful day, this afternoon, I always accidentally, I can enjoy the phenomenon of the sky is so beautiful, when the sun began to set.

This afternoon, me and my friends are looking for material (content) to put in steemit, every day, our activities are always so, we will mencarai something new to be distributed to the steemians.

However, what we are looking for today, And we can. but not everything we got today can be put at the same time, I'll put it on the next post.

The day was getting late in the evening, and we went home, at that time, me and my garden friends (steemians-aceh), including @anasz @safar01 @marcona @shahhiran and also @abudar.

At that very moment, we saw and captured a very interesting sky phenomenon, and I was able to take some pictures with my personal xanthonx 14.5 mega pixel xanhon camera.

Chances are you have a doubt, and asked, is it the original image, yes it is the original image. whether it is aditan, no, i just adjust the brightness, and i do not add and not my lack of color, that's the original image i took with my personal hanphon camera. though not perfect, but assure, it is not easy to get such a sky view. and that too just happened I can see.








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Wow, That photo really is amazing and very beautiful ,, Surely not everybody can photographing that good except those who are experts in the field of photography besides also have to use sophisticated camera ..

Before sunset the view in the sky will be very beautiful habits, that's the beauty of the sunset that makes a lot of people interested to record it like you, and this I see sunset on the beach in Aceh Besar,.


Are you interested?
He he..

Thanks,Postings and photos that you share is really beautiful and very natural,,Had the photo was taken with ordinary mobile phone I'm sure the photo as beautiful as it can not be obtained ..

Happy good night @abudar and keep working ..
Hopefully you become a successful and useful person for everyone...😁😁😁..

Saleum meuturi.

thank you for adding the image here, i am glad you support me.
thank you for also extending the comments here.
saleum meuturi sit, dan keu @alpayasteem

Thank you for replying to my comments and greetings,
Dont forget pray for me and @alpayasteem to follow in your footsteps so that it can be successful also in steemit..hehe.🙈..

Yes, of course

Thank you very much.

It's absolutely amazing and also great photography

I love this! Permission to share. Thanks

Yeah.. cool pict.. the best timing to shot a photo is the sunset

Nice post you boss
The panorama is very very beautiful

Very nice logo Aceh Steemit Community nyan... pue lon juet pakek logo nyan bak lon @abudar!

jeut pakek,, atra tanyoe nyan sit,, haha
kon nyoe meunan @abudar

abu dar bagi dong jhon2

The scenery is so beautiful with color in the sky so whoever sees will be fascinated and amazed with God's creation

Rarely can we find the sky scenery is so beautiful, and the results of the camera was good .. do not forget to play to our blog @ tala01.

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