sea white sand banda aceh

in photography •  10 months ago

Moving from Banda Aceh City, we plan to travel to Sigli (aka returning to my hometown). And the story this time, we do not choose the path normally used for the direction of Banda Aceh-Sigli Mudik path. We chose a complicated path, a rare (and very rare) path alias used for the long journey.

This trip is not entirely about the story of Mudik. Because we want to feel the name of Pasir Putih Beach of Aceh Besar City. In this journey, you will first encounter a Cement Factory called Semen Padang Factory. The factory is not a beautiful scenery, but the right sea behind it is something that you will rarely see in the city of Aceh. If you stand on a hill around the Padang Semen Factory, you will enjoy a sea full of small boats. At a glance it will look like a Sea Trade Lane.

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