* * * In Touch with the Buenos Aires Zoo * * *

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After a lots of indecisions, finally we decided to visit Argentina. One of the different places where we went, was the Buenos Aires Zoo. A well-known place which allows visitors interact directly with the different animals.

The first person in my family who demonstrated that, was my sister. She did not wait for the instructions. But, being honest with you, it was very easy for her because the llamas are very friendly and pleasant animals.

On the other hand, my mother did not have the same welcome!. She tried to feed a blue peafowl several times, she put on her knees in front of it, even she whistled it, but she never got no success. At the end, I did not know who was more scare, but definitely it was a dare.

In this area we met a tiger of the zoo and fortunately it was awake. My dad and sister were very excited to get in and take a close picture with this amazing animal and as you can see they got it!. When they were away from the tiger, they realized what they just done before! :w

Sleeping with the enemy. Despite this big white tiger was counting sheep, we did not waste the opportunity to take a family picture, without waking it!. Nervous mode on!

Finally! A king lion. Despite it is a young lion, its attack is powerful and it will attempt to catch the victim with a fast rush.

After having fed all the animals at the zoo, an elephant did not want to let her out!

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip through the Buenos Aires Zoo with my family!

                                                Thanks you so much for your visit

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