Beach of Salmiya

in #photography4 years ago

Today, I went to Salmiya far away from my home.
Rain in the morning, cloud on the sky.
Siblings are playing on the beach.
Fisherman is staring at the fishing rod.
Winter is coming in Kuwait now.





What a view

Did you caught some fish >?

Really stunning view there 👍 ! Awesome clicks my friend !!👌📷

love some beach shots, thx for sharing these, brings me back to the old fishing days!

I think you were catching fish. Have you caught anyone?

All three are amazing photos @Abdullar but that last one is just spectacular!!! Change that into a black and white photo and you would have a serious masterpiece in your hands 👌 brilliant!!


Kuwait city remember me about my father 😢

A beautiful sea is very much like me in which country it is located

In contrast to the beach in my hometown If there with imposing building but in my hometown with pine trees.Wonderful,remains the same beautiful

so nice pics

beautiful to see that part of the world right now..........does it snow in kuwait?

The beach is so relax and beautiful, i very like!!

Winter in Kuwait is probably without snow. Here in Munich currently the first white flakes were fallen and the temperature is slightly below zero degrees celsius. Enjoy your trip and thanks for sharing these pictures.

Stunning and lovely photographs
Kuwait is beautiful

what a beautiful landscape dear friend, congratulations for the beautiful tomast, to our family we love the beach.
This is the beach of my province of currents Argentina, they are my family
thank you very much for sharing these beautiful images
I wish you a wonderful day dear friend @abdullar

Wish the beaches near me were clear, Nice pictures.

Loved reading the post, it rhymes well. Good pictures too. Thanks for sharing.

Wow great sight of the world. Great photography,thanks for which we are going to enjoy the colour of nature. Thanks.

Looks like you're having a relaxing day fishing on the beach I. like your pictures I hope you were able to catch the big one. Thank you for sharing you have my vote

Winter is coming.
갑자기 '왕좌의 게임'에서 스타크 가문의 격언이 생각나네요. 한국은 이미 겨울이 왔습니다. 오늘 엄청 춥네요.

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Winter is coming in Kuwait now.

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