What lies beneath the sea... A tragic but real story.

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Hello Friends!


So few days ago I went on a short walk to find some clams that I can use as decoration.


On my walk I found and old metal bridge in Mangalia ....


I pass this bridge and I arrived at a place that was forgotten by time....


Here was long time ago in the year of 1983 a bridge that collapsed and many people died as a result.


My great-gradfather was there just about to pass but the pontoon was closed and he could not pass...that saved his life that day...

This is how the place looks now...


The place is filled with garbage


Here almost in the middle you can see the metal part of the pontoon.



But with all that I find this place beautiful !



I was born here In Romania close to the sea and since I was small the sound of waves, seagulls and the smell of the sea always made me feel at home.





Now in the end of my article I would like to pay my respect for all the people that lost their life and say that they will not be forgotten.



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Yes, unfortunately, tragic events occur in life, and this is very regrettable. We all must not forget and remember the dead. Thank you for the touching story

Thank you too @magnata for your warming words!

Excellent shells of them can really make a lot of beautiful things. Your story touched me. Eternal memory to the dead.

Excellent review @cynetyc, you are right when people litter the area with garbage, it is very sad for everyone. I am very glad that you remembered the people who died, it deserves respect and I support your memory of them!

Thank you very much @sekagan, much appreciated!

Oh yes @cynetyc, sad story, I am very sorry for the people who died in this place and they rest in peace!

This was a tragic history lesson for us... after that they build another bridge that we use in the present.

OH we found @cynetyc from a see shell ? :O

Yep that is correct I was there ))

What a great photos

Hello Dear!
It is true that sometime we found something very useful from the garbage etc. and that's what you found.

Thank you @faizan-ashraf!

Happy traveling :) so you found something out of nothing :P
Those shells could be the best decoration

Thank you @abdulmanan much appreciated!

Very beautiful presentation, history lesson and graphical representation, well done @cynetyc!

If Friend is very interesting and striking I have original, tell some story with simple

Very good post man, also very cool trophy case, love it!

Unlike the tragic moments that could have happened and all the history that the place may have, I am sure that the atmosphere and serenity are maintained. I wish people were a little more conscious about hygiene.

Yes I wish that too ...that was a relative clean place...

Very good post @cynetyc, well done!

nice photos good article

Very good and moving post @cynetyc!

Your travelling post so very extra ordinary .. really I appreciate this your post..

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Fantastic to look some photos just extra ordinary ..

Adventure is the best process to fresh your mind ,life ,etc..so thanks for sharing your activities.

Much appreciated @beautybox, thank you!

Hey there, how are you ??
Your every post I see and just to see your post so very attractive ..thanks for sharing..

Thank you @shucona I am very happy that you liked it!

Always something new to see and explore thanks @cynetyc for sharing this

Thank you gor reading my post @blazing!

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I really enjoyed your post, fortunately I live in Switzerland and I do not see such pollution of nature!

Romania is a beautiful place but if people will continue like this .beauty will fade.

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That's a great story and I appreciate this.. thanks for sharing..

That is nice location and beautiful camera shots
100% like and resteem

Thank you @stmit much appreciated!

You gotta love that trash!! Interesting post my friend.

Thank you @enosh !

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Wow excellent photography and great work sir
thanks this post have a nice day

Your story so very attractive I like it..so Carry on your activities..

Thank you @sign-up-steem and I will!

Ugh we have to take more care of our earth, what a little treasure ❤️❤️❤️

Yes @invisiblepoetry...if we do not...we will be in trouble.

allí tienes almejas para decorar de las mil maneras que quieras. nosotros mismos estamos acabando con el mundo:( que tengas una bonita noche

Muchas gracias @jerdep por leer mi post!

Wow that's a great story to create in this time .so very nice this is..

Thank you very much @fahana-yasmin!

A sudden turn that got you to a long forgotten place, a place with a tragic past. Thanks for sharing the story. While feeling lucky for your grandfather, let's pray for those who didn't escape it and passed.

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Thank you very much @jordanwarren !

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It is a great story,i like your nice post.

I enjoyed your post,Your photography is very great.

Much appreciated, thanks @sunflower32!

Thank you so much for sharing the post with a nice photography photo of i like your post.

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Awesome,photography post. Your story is very nice.

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Nice Photography, I Like Your Review.

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@Cynetyc posting cukup luar biasa aku termasuk pengemar mu,, terimakasih atas info mu..

great your post.i like your picture.

This is a good post !

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Thank you for the intriguing, beautiful, yet tragic post. I have learned that pain and loss are all around us. It is up to us to find the beauty that remains. That is not easy for some people, while to others it is seemingly a natural gift. I have also learned that the more pain and loss I survive, the more I seek only that which is truly naturally beautiful. If that makes any sense. Best regards!