Las Vegas Glowing in Las Vegas Valley

in photographs •  last year

Las Vegas Nevada glows in the morning sunlight as it sits in the Las Vegas Valley between the Las Vegas Mountain Range in the distance and Slone Mountain in the McCullough Mountain Range in the foreground.

On the other side of the city lies Gass Peak with the sun shinning on it.

I lensed this image whilst testing out a new digital back on the Hassleblad H5D body. It had just rained so the atmosphere was crystal clear and everything was glowing and shiny. I was flying above Sloan Mountain south of Henderson Airfield when I took the shot.

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This is beautiful!

Love the photo and what a great view.

wow...great pic
keep it up

Looks awesome!

Putin Supports!:)
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I really like this one, it make the city of Vegas look so small. The colors are amazing! Looking forward to more! I followed you.

good luck

This one really captures my heart as I know this view well, coming from Henderson. Thank you for sharing this beautiful pic, and you know I'm resteeming this! Much love, @skypilot. <3 Your work continues to impress!

Very good picture, i like with photos like this. Continue the work of friends, my greetings from Aceh; @fahrilzubir..


What an amazing landscape. I wish I lived somewhere I could take beautiful photos like that...

You've got a great eye for an image.

Georgeous landscape photo. Love it!!!!!!!!!

Glorious man. You are just going from strength to strength. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

beautiful picture, I lived in Vegas for 23 years, have no desire to ever go back to "Sin City", but love seeing your pictures of the desert.