The Spring is finally here 春天终于啦了!

When I woke up this morning, I was so surprised that we got a pretty weather, considering the weekend was freezing and snowy. When I took my morning walk along the river, I felt so warm and decided to have lunch outside on the green.

今天早上起床之后被阵惊到了,窗外阳光大好,要知道整个周末都在下雪刮北风,实在是难以置信。出去河边走了一圈,发现不仅阳光好,温度也很高,很暖和,还没风~ 果断决定中午要去草坪上吃个野餐。

I chose the green behind my office. First want to show a picture of my office. The flowers are so beautiful that it is so hard to believe yesterday it snowed quite heavily. I bought a simple meal deal from Greggs - a local deli that provides homemade sandwiches and snacks.


WeChat Image_20180319155314.jpg

I also bought a nice elderflower drink to treat myself. After spending about two hours on the green and got the sunshine, I felt so refreshed! Just like my Italian boss always said - life is only for enjoying~

还给自己买了一瓶很好喝的接骨木花饮料,酸酸甜甜,玻璃瓶子也很好看。在草地上边晒太阳边吃饭,然后发呆,晃悠了快2个小时,觉得整个人都又活过来了。就像我的意大利老板经常说的 - 生活就是应该用来享受的~ 与君共勉

WeChat Image_20180319155318.jpg

Thank you so much for your reading 💗
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Hmm so great, yesterday and today here in bavaria Germany comes the winter back. 5cm new snow 😖

Nice picture, good writing, amazing content. Thanks for come a long to my post @zhangxiaopanger.

Thank you for commenting ~

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