🚗Road trip with my amazing sister🚗

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Today I was visiting my sister and we went on a little road trip 🚗 she has 5 sons so she deserves a little day out 😊lol
This is me and my sisters adorable puppy Moa, she is the cutest ever


The sky today was looking a little funny,love looking at clouds changing.
Our first stop was in my hometown were they are building a station and it's close to the beach
They have come a little on the way now ☺️

And then we went for a walk at the beach.


We stayed for a coffee before the trip to Västerås
Me in wind and rain jacket it was really cold today, so weard in August 😕
My beautiful sister ❤️

Bild 234.jpg
Had to take a shot at those, beautiful color.

Västerås is a summer city and so much to se and really beautiful.
My one favorite as a kid was the statye of a lot of bikers in a row 😉

As a kid I tried to fit on the bike and thought it was funny, but I didn't today.. Lol 😄
So beautiful just walking around in Västerås and se the environment, this is a channel that goes between the houses. Amazing wiew


The thing that I love about this city is that there are some similarity to my hometown like those next pictures of alleys. They have a lot of them, a little more hill than back home



The church, so beautiful

Beautiful flower that I just had to capture 😊
It was a great day just hanging with my sister and visiting a beautiful place just for the day.
So my favorite day in a long time 😊
Hope you liked it too and got a little picture of how amazing this city really is.
Thank you guys for being so amazing and supportive, you are the greatest ❤️❤️❤️

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Loving all the pictures Sara! Really awesome to go through. Keep up your awesome work my friend :)

Talk soon!


Thank you so much my greatest friend 😆😊
Means a lot. I had a blast taking them 😉
Hope you are having a great day and talk soon


Thank you so much my friend 😊 Hope you are having a great weekend. Cheers

Hey it's nice to meet your sister, she's as lovely as you. And as usual your photographs are always amazing. :)


Hi my dear friend 😊 Thank you so much for your kind words and yes she is amazing.
And so am I.. Lol 😊 and so are you 😉
It was a great day and it's crazy how exciting it is when you see so many amazing things you just walk around with your camera and taking pictures of anything.. Lol
Some great company I was 😆
Hope you are having a great day. Thank you for being so sweet ❤️

It looks like a fun trip, beautiful nature makes the atmosphere comfortable. And I like your favorite animal photo, funny and cute


Thank you so much for your kind words 😊 Yes the atmosphere was incredible.
Im glad you liked my favorite picture of me and Moa she is so cute 🤗 have a great day and now following you


You are welcome @saffisara


Really nice post, beautiful place.


Thank you so much 😊 have a great evening

Hey, what dog is it? :) She looks so cool and fluffy :3


It's a kiss hound, looks like a fluffy teddy bear almost.. Lol 😊
Thank you my friend, hope you are having a great evening

God that's beautiful. Great beach. Nice little city.


Thank you so very much 😊 means a lot.
Have a wonderful day

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I liked the post, it seemed a lovely place, upvited.


Thank you so much 😊 yes it really is a great place to be.. Lol
Thank you for the support 👍 following you
Have a great day


Thank you
have a lovely day


You to 😊

Waw, the dog is a cutie pie. I love it and the place you visited is also amazing.


Thank you so much my friend 😊 it really is a great place and my sisters dog is to cute for her own good.. Hahaha 😄 can't stop Cuddling
Have a great evening

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You do not want to face the wrath of my bunghole!!

Beautiful pictures! Its great youre spending quility time with your sister:) Looks like a fun day😁


Thank you so much 😊 means a lot.
Yes it was a great day and I love spending time with my sister, family means the world to me 💕
Hope you are having a great day /evening
Following you

Love your post and pictures are amazing too
Loook it quite cold over there but the view is beautiful ❤️Thank you for sharing 😊Up vote


Thank you so much my friend 😊 so sweet 😚
Yes it was a little cold but so worth it.. Lol
Thank you for your support sweetie 💖


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