Recep risol is delicious and many membelik

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Ngerisol again nih soalnyaal yg kmren udh ludes not left this home at the likes also krna risolesnya ENABLE BANGET btw I still kep learning by doing ya to make skin risolesnya and I masi make with the same recipe with the created then kira2 udh there is try make ya blih?

Its Simple Risoles
For risol skin
300 gr versatile flour
1 egg (I add 1 more kutel)
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
A pinch of salt
700 ml of liquid milk
How to make:
-> mix flour + egg + oil + salt into one in the basin, stelah it pour the liquid milk slightly smbil stir with whisker until no bergerindil (I strain again).
-> heat teflon, pour 1 tablespoon vegetable batter skin, make the omelette until cooked, so on until the dough runs out


For his risol stuffing

3 white bwg cloves, finely chopped
1 pcs bwg bomb, roughly chopped
1 pcs of carrots, ptong small box
1 pcs of potatoes, ptong small box
2 pcs blackpepper sausage frankfurter kanzler, ptong small box
Kurleb 100 gr minced meat (may be beef / chicken / pork)
Salt and pepper to taste
Oyster sauce to taste
Less water
Right amount of oil


How to cook

-> heat oil, saute white bwg + bwg bombay until fragrant. Enter the minced meat, stir-fry until the meat changes color. -> stelah it put pieces of potato + carrot + sausage and give a little water. Cook until boiling, then give pepper + salt + oyster sauce according to taste, mix well. Icip and correction was great. Finally cook again until the water shrinks, dry. Remove and let cool


Dyestuff: 1-2 eggs, shake off
Coating materials: Breadcrumbs to taste


-> take a piece of skin fill in the taste, left right fold and roll. Continue until slesai.
-> After that dip the risoles into the dye and then balurin to the coating until blended. Leave in the refrigerator min 2-3 hours and then fry until cooked brown.


Remove and serve with chili pepper / chili
sauce according to taste.


Salam komunitas indonesia.

follow me @mustafa06

and wait for another recipe from me hopefully useful


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