how to make a delicious and delicious soy sauce recipe

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Good Night Hi The Steemian .......


Today is 11 February 2018, the first weekend in febuari 2018. This weekend's recipe is a soy sauce cooked with soy sauce In this soy sauce is also added slightly pecan, if the steemian friends have no candlenuts it can be replaced with tomatoes.The recipe is as follows :

Ingredients :
1 small tonkol fish
2 pepper secukubnya.
3 cloves of red onion
4 cloves garlic
5 red peppers
6 pecan
7 Tomatoes


How to make :

Prepare all ingredients Roughly ground onion, garlic, red pepper, pepper and kemiri.Siapkan skillet, enter the fish that has been fried and spices that have been cooked Cooked to dry let there is a sense of ketchup that is absorbed in fish meat Ready Soya sauce to serve


hopefully in reseb fish soy sauce that I share tonight may be useful.

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salam community steemit indonesia


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