landscape photography/// Finally learn How to create a "Click to Enlarge Photo from @majes.tytyty Thanks a lot I done it with the help of @majes.tytyty

Hello steemians: I did not know About How to create a "Click to Enlarge Photo But when i Read a post of @majes.tytyty LINK

Then i learn it but first time I am failed due to my own mistake then I again asked from @majes.tytyty, He guide me about this in detail and finally i did it
Now i learn it that How to create a "Click to Enlarge Photo

@majes.tyutyty Is a great steemer I learn from him a lot If you all want to learn new things please follow @majes.tytyty If you asked any this from him it will gave you a detail about that in a easy way
The main and important thing is that he give a huge and detail reply on almost every comment that makes easy to understand
Thanks @majes.tytyty
Please follow @majes.tytyty to appreciate him
I wish you Health and wealthy @majes.tytyty


[Click Here to Enlarge Photo]

Thanks for reading my post


Nice pic

Great view as long as great weather there. The backgound of the picture is very unique and magical. Thank you very much :)

@javybar Thank you so much for a nice comment

Nice short post. I'm very pleased to see that you can now ENLARGE the photos in your posts. Let's hope that soon every Steemian will be able to do so.


Thanks @majes.tytyty its all credit goes to you

nice one! Where is the photo of?

Also, I'm going to make a post about how you can "hide" a link behind some text. As I did below. It's quite easy. ☺

How to Enlarge your Photos or Images, in 13 easy steps.

Yes I will wait because i do not know it also and mostly do not know like me but when you shared in step by step process every one will understand
I also going to share a new thing in next because I want to see you on top And I always try to appereciate you due to your hard work

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