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#Photogames theme for #ShowoffSaturday this past week was blue.

When I first heard the them I thought "Do I have any blue pictures?" Yes, I have sky and water I wanted something unique that was blue too. I found a lot of blue pictures.

Blue in Art
Blue in Nature- Water
Blue feelings
Blue in Nature- Sky
Blue Hour
Blue in Nature- Plants
My favorite Blue picture

This has been my favorite #showoffSaturday as it gave me room to be creative and to see all the great blue pictures I have taken through the years

Blue in Art

Necklaces taken at Eastern Market in DC and a beautiful glass bowl by Chihuly

Blue in Nature- Water

Blue feelings

Blue in Nature SKY

Being the sister of an amazing temple photographer @jarvie I have learned to shoot at
Blue Hour

Glibert and Mesa Arizona Temples respectively.

Blue in Nature Plants
The left is the Desert Botanical Garden and the right are wildflowers from my garden this week.

My favorite Blue picture Lake of the Woods, Oregon. The color of the sky and water make my heart happy.


Super creative way to show them off!

And my favorite is the necklace one. I guess it's a good thing for the rest of us you were a photostar and not a competitor this week. haha

Thanks Brother. It is not good for the other competitors that you were not a photo star your blue pictures are awesome.

Haha ... well it was about time I got to have some fun on the other side :)

Mesa Arizona Temple and Lake Of The Woods are my two favorite Blue shots of yours!

Thanks for the comment and letting me know which ones you like. It is nice to get feedback.

Nice post Sara !!

Thanks a lot Sergio.

be creative, be adaptable..... excellent post !! Congratulations

Beautiful. Love the creativity with the "blue" portraits.

Thanks so much.

Nice picture! 👍
You got an upvote, so it would be kind to follow this account for more upvotes in the future 👊🏼

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