Even if you don't think it fits, I hope that you enjoy this Greek song:

I like hearing music from different parts of the world!!!!! Thanks for sharing this.

I did enjoy it a lot

I am glad that you liked it :)

She sounds like an amazing woman... it's a shame she was camera shy. I really wanted to have something better than this, I think she deserves so much more.

Woah, loving this. Really goes with the feeling of the photo.

oh, i'm glad that you like it :)

Congrats on the second place. This song blended so perfectly with what the photo transmitted!

thank you very much.. i will play the other games, didn't have time these days. :)

You still have time!!! What is left of this week and next week. So go and play! :)

Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry

One of my favorite songs ever.

This one does'nt even match the photo mood but you'll feel it. We think we can go all the way Venezuelans with your games haha

Apache - Ella maneja puro style

¡Ajá! Vas a sacar la carta de que somos paisanos. Jajajja

Nooo no no... Ninguna carta especial, solo es la carta que jugamos jajaja además la canción si va con la foto, si no hubiéramos puesto cabello viejo jajaja

No conozco cabello viejo, pero caballo viejo si (jajaja) Es cómico leerlo en plural. Se que son dos detrás de la cuenta pero como no es común suena como si fuera una persona hablando en tercera persona jeje. Saludos! Y mira que van muy bien en los juegos!

Ups, las canas también merecen una musiquita no? Jajaja

Siempre leo (leemos) eso. En un canal de Discord hubo tremenda polémica y chalequeo por eso jajaja en buen sentido. Es raro pero es que somos dos interactuando desde 3 o hasta más dispositivos

Los juegos son muy divertidos,es imposible no jugar y darlo todo en el camino. Demasiado into it 😜

I feel it. And the only reason I didn't chose it as a winner is because I didn't feel it went with what the photo transmitted. But I did add it to my playlist. :D

Ya ni sé si me da chance para este. No había entendido bien la dinámica. Pensé en esta canción (poema original de Andrés Eloy Blanco)

Hermoso!!!!! Nada más y nada menos que Andres Eloy Blanco.

My favorite song of all time is NELLA FANTASIA
Though the lyrics of it are amazing (italian)
I will go with this instrumental version that mixes it with another great song

The inspiration was an old movie called the mission and the main theme is known as Gabriel's oboe. It's a touching movie about learning to break down barriers into a whole new world.

Wow this is beautiful. I just cried. But I'm not sure if it's the song or the pain killers that have me drugged. Hahaha.

Ok. You won. Your song really made me cry.

Gabby thanks for sharing this picture and story of her strength. With her looking down it looked like she was sad. Here is my submission.

Beautiful Sara!

What language is that Sara? Do you know?

Indigenous Australian

First song that popped in my head!

Ok, it says it doesn't open in my country :(

Try this one

She Works Hard for the Money by Donna Summer @gabyoraa 😀

Asi Es Mi Tierra by Simón Díaz. :)

This is the best video I could find on Youtube for the music:

Well, you did your homework, that I can say!!!!

Hmn. If that's the best you can say I don't like my chances, haha. ;)

Your chances are REALLY good.

Oh! Okay!!! :D

Nicely played. Simón Díaz touches a patriotic nerve! You got 3rd place.

Yay! Thanks Gaby! I felt like I couldn't go too wrong with Simón Díaz, though I picked a rather obscure song. :)

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