WHERE IS IT WEDNESDAY - Photo Games Week 9, Game 2

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Win 1 SBD from each Photo Game Star’s post! - Guess the Location!

Where is it Wednesday Photo
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Here are two big hints:

  1. This photo was taken in Canada.
  2. It was in a Park, but I'm not telling you whether it was a Provincial, Territorial or National Park. :)

The first person to guess the correct park will win!


For Where is it Wednesday we would like you to Guess the location of the photo

  1. The first correct guess will win the prize
  2. Only one guess per person, per post.
  3. No editing your guess - you have to commit!
  4. All metadata has been stripped from the pictures, so don’t bother looking for the EXIF!
  5. We are not required to tell you what kind of camera was used, or what time of day the photo was taken at, or whether filters were involved (this adds to the mystery and the challenge!)
  6. For this game you have 2 days to guess (Friday 6PM EST / 11PM UTC)


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I have no idea but the photo is beautiful.

Jasper National Park?

As a Photo Star, I am backing this answer.

Steady your posts, knowledgeable, innovative and I like, thank you for sharing

Prince Edward Island National Park


Somewhere on Vancouver Island maybe?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

as my knowledge of parks in Canada is ZERO i will go with Waterton Lakes National Park
i hope it is in canada :D

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Gwaii Haanas

Bowron Lake Provincial Park

backing this guess as a photostar


I'm going to guess Cape Scott Provincial Park, Vancouver Island @derrekkind! 😊

Bannf National Park

This place is from my dreams... very beautiful! And the star on is correctly located, a good composition...

Your clue is both useful and useless!
The best I can come up with is:
British Columbia (looking at the trees) on the coast.

Even in that region, there are literally hundreds of parks! The steps seem to not feature often, lol.

Jasper? Some Canadian friends told me it's a cool park and can be more peaceful than Banff, but I haven't been there yet. ;)