MUSICAL MONDAY - Photo Games Week 9, Game 1

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Win 1 SBD from each Photo Game Star’s post! - Share a song to match the photo.

Rules for today's MUSICAL MONDAY game below.

bokeh by Derek Kind.jpg


What music does this make you think of? I want to know! All styles, genres and languages welcome! :)


For MUSICAL MONDAY we would like you to Share a song that best matches the picture. What does our photo sound like?

It could be lyrical or instrumental, operatic or screamo, but pick something that you think each Photo Star will like.

You can give us the song title or share a link to DTube, Youtube, etc. Links are great, but it’s okay to just write the title and artist if the song is easy to find, like “Hey Jude by The Beatles,” (not “Adagio for Clarinet II, opus 245 by my friend who lives next door”).

  1. Share your music in the comments of a Photo Star’s post.
  2. Only one song per person, per post/photostar.
  3. Remember that you’re appealing to the Photo Star who posted the photo (they will choose the winner).
  4. For this game you have 2 days to play (Wednesday 6PM EST / 11PM UTC).


Visit these profiles to play #MusicalMonday:



Introduction to The Photo Games Post.


Wow, your photos are beautiful!

Thank you! :)

seeing the rain this well could be London. And like this guy on the picture he is just as lonely ...

I really liked this one - thanks for sharing! :)

with pleasure :-)

for the Singing in the rain contest :)

Dang, you beat me to it. I heard this in the radio tonight and thought it would be perfect.

I just love that guitar in the last part!

Singing in the rain:

Ah yes, the classic!

Great submission, thank you for playing, @killerwhale! :D

Here is my entry for the photogames #musicalmonday

Kane let it rain down on me

Interesting - I didn't know Kane. Thank you! :)

Your're very welcome, hope you like the band, it's a dutch band, who started there debut with covers of U2 :)

Elvis - Kentucky Rain

Well thank you. Thankyouverymuch.

I actually saw him in concert years ago - this is my favorite song of his.
Ronnie Milsap - Smokey Mountain Rain.

This was high up on my list of favourites for the photo. I didn't know it before - thank you! :)

Glad you liked it. :-)

Haha, that was an interesting choice!

Frou Frou- Let Go

I didn't pick this one, but it was really near the top among a great selection of songs! Great choice for the photo! :D

This is the fitting song for that kind of scene...

Good choice for the photo! I like how you went for that part of the photo and not just the rain. :)

I know what that guy felt. So yeah, this was the song in my head playing that time...

Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. :\

it's ok man. that was long time ago. and it wasn't that painful compared to being tattooed in the neck. haha

From one of my favorite musicians, Tom Waits - Rain Dogs.

Now that you mention it, Scott, you kinda sorta bear a resemblance to Tom Waits!

Hahaha! Don't tell my wife and son that. They can't stand it when I torture them by playing Tom Waits in the car.

It's been raining here too, I reckon we need some happy tunes yet with that subtle sorrow... or vice versa like fresh flowers in the bitter rain... ;)

Haha, they sure had fun making that video! Great choice - I liked the subtle sorrow bit. ;)

And you are still up? Almost beat my record now... soon you can get out for a sunrise picture... that's the only way I could witness sunrise. =)

It's still only 05:41...

(and yeah, this is how I see sunrises too!) ;)

Hope you can watch it... let me know.
"Hold On" SHEL & Gareth Dunlop (Lyric Video)

Nice one! :)

I can't decide between "Adagio for Clarinet II, opus 245 by my friend who lives next door" and "Here Comes The Rain Again" by Annie Lennox.

I'll go with


A classic. It NEVER rains without this song popping into my head.

Look at the bad HDR in that video...oh my...

OLD 80's overexposed, and maybe reduced bit depth?

I think they replaced the sky too... there was some severe haloing there...

It would be crazy to translate everything, but just to give you a sense of the song’s atmosphere. Part of it says:

“On your balcony, early in the morning, I am easy as a feather and I feel just fine”

So, hopefully this guy’s negotiations were successful, the next morning the weather was nicer, and he was on her balcony, easy as a feather, feeling just fine…

Love it! Great song! And thanks for the translation!

That's my type :)

Cool vibe to this - thank you! :)

Such a fun game!

Perfect. I always liked this song, and it's an excellent fit for the image!

That video is kinda weird, but I loved the Moby song - it's one I wasn't familiar with, and it was great for the photo!

ooooh...reminds me of Bruno Mars

Ah, yeah, good choice, thanks! :D

Giovanni Allevi - Aria

Beautiful instrumental entry, thank you! :)

Ah, good choice! Another new one to me. :D

I know I'm late. But here's my song. This song brought me a nostalgic feel. Don't know if its the rain.

Oh man, this is awesome nostalgic night driving music. I love this kind of thing! Great find. :D

I'm a sucker for nostalgic music. This wins. :)

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