Hongkong Skyscraper - Asian Sunday Week #54

in photofeed •  6 months ago


I took this picture a few years ago in Hongkong on the roof from a pretty high building. I have to say that I was shaking quite a lot taking this picture as I went as near to the edge I could :D

This was also my entry for @czechglobalhosts Asian Sunday Week #54

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love from top view, beautiful atmosphire and colors. very nicely catch by you. awesome photography friend worldcapture.
plz dont mind sorry fro few days,


Hey @ykdesign :)) Haha I was also offline the in the past days :)) Thank you ! :)

Wow..Wonderful photography .😱😱


Thank you dear @alvi55 :))

Excellent photoshoot 💞💕💕


Thanks buddy!