Photoreport: searching for something?

in photofeed •  last year 

Well, as you know we were wandering in Slovenia, where is this beautiful place called - Prekmurje. A lot of nature, amazingly good food and nice people on every step. What else can you wish. Vivi was searching for something, maybe she was just searching a nice photo. It wasn't hard, when I was there with my camera. Please enjoy the view, and refresh memories from this nice trip.







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Wow, looks like a beautiful lost place in the woods!
Stunning pictures! Great work!


Thank you very much

So awsome pictures. Great work!


Thank you so much. We will keep em posting

Great contrast! The red colorful dress and abandoned house.

Someday i want to be at least 1/4 as good photographer as you and that would be amazing! :D

First i need to dump my compact camera and get a dslr or probably a mirrorless. =) Any suggestions ?


Thank you. More you do it better you are getting at this. Well mirrorless are superb this day. Maybe some sony alpha. A6500 is top for the bucks.

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