Some of my favorite photos that I would love to try taking again.

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I have some images that are many years old which I was extremely proud of once I was finished processing them. But they're old photos, and my skill level wasn't as high then as it is now, same with my gear. And while I was exceptionally proud of these images back then, that pride has thinned out over time as my skill level increase and as I upgraded my gear.

Garden Of The Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado

For example, many of them are as much as 12-15 years old, and I didn't fully understand the benefits of shooting in RAW format, rather than JPG, nor was my editing skill level up to par. Had I known then what I know now, these images would've turned out much different.

View from County Road 14, near Fairplay, Colorado

Secondly, the lenses I used back then were very sub-par. The sharpness of the glass I use today is superior. Another thing is that many of them were taken with a 1st gen Canon Digital Rebel, and the RAW capabilities of that camera were extremely limited because they hadn't really gotten the tech for RAW as workable as they have today.

Of course, this was back when RAW images had a .CRW file extension, not the .CR2 they use now. The noise in these images were horrid, and so a lot of noise correction was necessary for many of them, which gave them a "shiny plastic" feel to them that make me cringe today.

Nathanael Greene Park, Springfield, Missouri - This view no longer exists.

So not only was my skill level not what it is today, but the tech wasn't really there yet either. These two factors make me wish I could retake these images, some of which would be difficult due to their locations.

Steemit definitely lights a fire under me to take new photos, and to strive towards retaking images like this with the aim to have a result that far exceeds the quality level of these entry-level images. Now it's just a matter of carving out the time, and in some cases planning a 15-hr road trip.

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I love the cave photo...the blue hues are so beautiful. You can still shoot anew.. it will be vivid this time.

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Yep, I sure can.... but I don't live near these locations.

I imagine that all this pics are in USA, Colorado. I love the mountains pic because as I know there is not to much mountains there, I live in Bogotá, Colombia we have mountains everywhere big fan of them haha, greetings!


Not all in Colorado. Only the first two images. I live in Missouri, and I rarely get a chance to go there.

Hello my friend
I think it's fascinating the final image.
you were in the right place at the right time!