Secret Garden - Wedding Photo of the Day #75

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Roya  Jedd - Sansom Photography-29.jpg

Secret Garden

I think these conditions are what most photographers dream of, well I do anyway! A beautiful couple, gorgeous light, a beautiful wall and trees galore! It all really came together and although this is one of my more traditional wedding photographs I just love it. I love how it looks like it could be in a Disney film and the light coming through the trees is just right. We are always on the look out for the right background and this stone old wall was just perfect, it was so romantic! One of my favourite locations ever! So whilst we always try and create something new this shot reminds me that beautiful photographs can just be simple too!


- Verity x
Photography by me and copyrighted to me.
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Absolute magic! Looking at your work always beings a smile to my face and elicits a sigh for the beauty! x

Aww thank you, I keep posting sunny images to hope it draws the sun back out! :)

wow. excellent!

That is such an amazing photo! Looks like such a romantic setting. The sun rays piercing thru really brings it all together.

Thank you so much, I loved the light in this shot too!

Wonderful capture!!

I see the starlight on the top of the photo is not natural, it's like being touched by the Knoll Light Factory plugin. If the starlight really comes up with camera settings then this is a great photo, salute for you and keep working.

The sun is all natural, I don't like to use any of those plugins!

Wow that is beautiful light. Spectacular shot. The texture in the rocks of the building also adds an extra touch to the photo.

Thank you so much! I just loved that wall so much!! Glad it comes across in the shot!

Hi@vtravels, It's good post on photography! I enjoy your content and i appreciate for photo. Keep up the good work.
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit

Thank you so much, I appreciate your comment!

this is so beautiful photography , and also scary for me, that old building is mysterious ^^

Thank you! It was a beautiful old wall, nothing scary there :P

If I see this I think I’m gone devorce my wife and mary her again.

Awww hahaha !

hi you, you can follow me not, thank you very much!

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