Lone Tree - Monomad Saturday - Silhouettes

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I usually love sharing wedding or engagement images for monomad's silhouettes challenge but I found this amazing tree growing out of these impressive rock formations and against the moody sky it make such a great silhouette!


- Verity x
Photography by me and copyrighted to me
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That tree look lonely but it is still beautiful

Your right it does a look a tad lonely!! Very beautiful still!

Now this is awesome. I have to say I relate more to that tree rather than to a wedding. :D

Not that your wedding shots aren't nice, they're superb. ;)

Haha thank you, and I can see why this is more relate-able!

Why do you think it is? :)

Well if you haven't got married its hard to relate to a wedding isn't it :p

Haha.. Yeah, true. I aspire more to wander the world than get married. :D

And as Lord Byron once said: 'I love not Man the less, but Nature more.' :)

Haha good saying!

Great photo :-D I love it

Whoaaaaaa! I love it! As you know I LOVE trees! This. Is. Amazing!

Thank you! I thought you might like this one!! I will try and find some more trees for you :)

That's so nice! Really looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring treeeeeeeees! :D

you have really nice gallery here :)

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