By the Sea - Monomad Saturday - Silhouettes

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Because we live in the center (roughly) of the UK we are quite far from the sea, so whenever we get chance to go do a shoot near the sea we get super excited! This couple had allocated 2 hours (yes 2 HOURS) for couple shots, something that we have never heard of before!! We weren't going to turn down this amazing opportunity so went straight out to the rocky sea shore! Luckily the couple were so up for going and getting a little dirty and wet in the water so I found this amazing location where I got get a lot of the interesting foreground in and silhouette them against the sky, I thought this would be great for today's #monomad challenge!


- Verity x
Photography by me and copyrighted to me
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its So romantic. Upvote and followed do follow me thanks.we will help each other and we will earn money...tahnk you...

This is beautiful. Love your work.

Thank you so much!

Amazing photography @vtravels

Great shot! What it tells me is: us two, wherever, whenever, against the elements and the rest of the world... :)

Thank you! I love what you got from it too!! It looked like another world and they were just in the center of it!

great photo !! Good job

Nice shot ! ;-)

Thank you :)

Super, Verity! I love to see and hear all about your photo shoots! So much fun! x

Thank you !! And thank you for resteeming :) I am really enjoying choosing an image each day to talk about! x

Amazing shot!!

Amazing, I love also the composition because it doesn't follow the "boring" rule of third.

Thank you! Rules are meant to be broken hehe!

So romantic. Upvote and followed do follow me thanks.

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