Diversifying Language

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Language is the embodiment of a culture, derived by the union of people consenting in the use of specific vibrations so to communicate with one and another. Although it connects human to human (H2H) within seconds, language is inherently floored and limited.

Intellect, in my opinion perceived as the metaphysical, is able to interact with the physical dimension through the use of words. Them being a construction of our imagination and our desire to share our needs and wants in this tangible world: therefore acting as a gateway between the physical and metaphysical dimension.

Within language itself, we have a diversion of styles and forms: poetry, literature, novels, data, script, journals and so on. Despite the difference in style, they all act as a quick emotional and rational interaction between H2H.

To convey an emotion like happiness, we can not only express it through written and verbal words but also through other linguistic tools: such as art, multimedia, material manipulation, design, construction/destruction and so on.

The idea of one language, one narrative, one belief system that we all abide to does not work, so why have one type of currency?

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