missing the ocean & whales already

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It has been 2 weeks or dos semanas (in espanol) since I have had the opportunity to simply sit and enjoy everything that the ocean has to offer. Hence, my sudden reminiscing of my past photos from my recent oceanic adventures over the past few years. Enter a juvenile humpback in its foraging grounds in the Bransfield strait fluking.

When humpbacks descend for a longer and deeper dive in their foraging grounds you are able to witness such behaviours like the photo below. A curtain of water flowing off the back of their fluke, as they basically "wave goodbye" to everyone watching them on the surface. This longer dive can last from a minute or so and up to 15ish minutes. Typically, it does not last too much longer than that simply due to them actively chasing their prey at depths around 80m and that activity burns through their oxygen supply.

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You’re welcome. Looking at it again now, I’m thinking to myself, “Where could I put a large print of that?” I’m really glad to have found your work on here.


oh wow! thank you very much! if you are interested feel free to check out my website.

Pleace guide and upvote me, I am a new in steemit

Brillant stuff. Cheers


Thanks, mate! greatly appreciated

nice clicks its so beautiful scene @thomasjmitchell wow the water is look so clean and fresh

Beautiful mate


Thanks mate!

Oh, what an amazing experience. How does it feel to see these beautiful creatures?


unforgettable 😊

Bro, head to the Caribbean if you miss the ocean, it's just one night bus ride away from Medellin. I dont rate Cartagena, but Santa Marta and its near by beaches are amazing and if you surf Playa Costeño has better waves than you'd expect for Caribbean with cheap board rentals and hamocks.


cheers, for the advice. I was actually looking into that area today and when I read your comment I am definitely going to be making my way in that direction next week. thanks again

That blue is amazing and so great to see such a wonderful creature.


It was one heck of a beautiful day! 😊