Inner harbour of Victoria, BC at sunset

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After a hard day of driving boats on the Pacific North West - hanging out with humpbacks and orca. I started to walk home from the inner harbour of Victoria when I looked up and saw this view of the sun beginning to set. I instantly froze and did my best to take this one photo before simply standing there in the moment. Enjoying every second until it had past.


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very very nice its good to stand in the moment and see amazing things sometimes i really like the picture to life is such a wonderful thing

That looks breathtaking 💚. I upvoted &follow you✌

Yes you really captured the moment! Amazing

it is a very beautiful photo, let alone decorated by the reddish color at sunset is really very good photo

Beautiful Photo! Thank you for sharing!

Amazing shot of the sunset in Victoria!

I've lived there and spent many days at the beach and harbour watching the sun rise and set.

Followed you to see more great shots from you. :)

The ships look like they're watching the sunset. Beautiful.

Beautiful sunset! That sky is on FIRE!

A hard day hanging out with humpbacks and orcas, sounds very hard to us too ;)

Isn't is amazing what we see when we take the time to stand still, be in our Now moment and look around us..... Simply stunning, thanks so much for sharing....

very nice picture...

Fantastic photo!

It is a lovely view. Beautiful. 😊

The dipping sun is mesmerizing!

Such a beautiful shot 👍
Following you for more...@shoot

Loving your photos

Gorgeous! I recently spent a month in BC, mostly on Vancouver Island around the Tofino area. I loved it so much! What an amazing island to call home! The sea otters were one of the cutest creatures Ive ever seen! So much amazing camping and paddling to do out there! I hope to get back soon! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pic!!

Really great picture! Almost unreal... that fiery orb of flame...

I can see that you are a nature & cloud lover :) Maybe you want to try the #LoveTheClouds contest!

Beautiful landscapes friend! Look at my post and tell me what you think about the sunset that I captured on the beach. Regards!

Excellent pic! Visit my post and see what you think about the sunset that I captured at the edge of the beach. If you liked it, vote!

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