curtain of water off the fluke

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By now, I am sure you have figured out that humpback whales are one of my favourite animals to not only photograph but to interact with and simply be there with them. Something about their grace and tranquility I feel when you listen to them breath and move through the water so effortlessly makes me feel at peace.

One aspect of their natural behaviour is presenting their fluke into the air on their last breath, which is a sign they are going more vertically downwards on a potentially longer and deeper dive to forage for food. Not only is the visual of the water rolling off the back of their fluke amazing to see but the sound of the water cascading off their fluke and hitting the ocean surface has never failed to make me smile.

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I Pimped this at @pypt #pypt @RamblingRadio on Discord tonight.
I love the Humpback, and have been out shooting many shots with my 600mm

Truly enjoy them!

Also, you have had my dreem job, working in a RIB in Antarctica, shooting and touring!

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woah... that's a money-shot right there, perfect timing, perfect angle!

thanks to @bluefinstudios for sharing this on #pypt

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That is a perfect shot. Love the ice behind it as well! 👌

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