Back in South America once again

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Well, I am in between work contracts at the moment and have about 6 weeks "to kill" before I fly back down to Ushuaia and start another busy and incredible summer down in the Crystal Desert, also known as Antarctica. So, I had a choice.. stay on Vancouver Island, which is beautiful or cruise back down to Colombia for that time, spend less money, learn more spanish and spend my time in the warmth. As much as I do love Vancouver Island and have some incredible people I am lucky enough to call friends, I do love to travel and am falling love with Colombia.

As of now, I am in Medellin and am heading back over to Cartagena for about a month to relax in the heat and the sun before all of that disappears for 4-5 months whilst I am working. One thing I am looking forward of seeing once again in Cartagena is the sunsets that you can sit and watch from the walled section of old town. It is usually just mind blowing beautiful there to sit and watch with a beer in hand, saying goodbye to another hot day in this tourist city of Colombia.

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