A cute penguin to make you smile today

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Watching penguins waddle around can make anyone feel better. Nothing can help you bounce back from being exhausted than spending a few hours at a breeding colony watching these adorable little animals waddling around and socialize with one another.

This is an Adelie penguin, which is waddling down to the shore line to go foraging for fish, as their partner will be at their nest protecting their egg/s, as the typically do lay two eggs during a season. They are not exactly graceful or physically able to effortlessly navigate their surroundings on land but in the water they can basically fly.

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Awww! Super cute 😍


That they are

I started loving penguins after watching penguins of madagascar hahaha. They are lovely creatures.


Everytime I sit down to watch them I alway imagine that same personality they have on the Madagascar movie