A Daily Wager

in photofeed •  last year 

The weight on his shoulder is not only of the bag,but also the burden he carries along with him daily. The only dream that he wants to fulfil,may be of the day,when he will return home with an empty bag. With no burden to carry back at the end of the day

This photo was captured on a sunday evening. Me and one of my friend were sitting near a river bank watching the sunset,when this man passed by. The place was crowded to some extent,because people came to watch the sunset the scenery and the river. All were busy,happy, laughing and rejoicing their life. But this man wasn't in that moment. He was returning home after a long stressful day. He didn't seem to care about the senset or the scenery. All he cared was of the other day. How the next day will be. Will it benifit him? Or will it be another same old day?

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They work hard daily to fulfill their basic needs.

Yes,and also we must appreciate their work,because it is because of them only our lives become comfortable, in a manner or another :-)

yeah exactly they sacrifice everything to makes our life easy.