If you like the fresh shots, pay somethin', pay somethin'..

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Beggars can't be choosers; artists are often beggars...


Artistry survives in the hearts of individuals, on the patronage of the venerable public. There is no such thing as free lunch –- it cost someone something to produce work. Often times, visual art is exploited, without thanks, to the liberal nature of social media. Concepts are consumed, independent ideas integrated, and muses are misused without any mention. Thus, we arrive at the core conflict; successful creators can only cope via limited options. Choose one: the humble grovel for donations or stacking up to a steady rise to eventual success.

The common denominator: there is no art without funding.

Stacking to success is not easy -- the public enjoys free photography, photoshoots, same-day delivery for content, and sharing without mention or credit. Things the general public does not enjoy:

  • no for an answer
  • unavailability
  • paid content
  • compromise
  • ‘supporting’ the artists they “love” off social media

... and waiting.

The call to action: keep hungry artists from starvation with occasional donations – the amount is not the important factor, the philanthropy is -- it encourages the artist to continue, while the funding allows the further pursuit in their field.


Where there's a will, there's a way. I'll offer tailored content along with a few decision points for audience members to contribute with. I bet this sounds like some other sites process model. Don't leave it to people, just leave it to me. I don't want some outside party collecting on our deal. Besides, the public’s reluctance to other methods of contribution highlight the need for a simpler setup.

Familiar interfaces are the go-between, so I'll offer incentives for contributions -– greater rewards go to the regulars.

  • My focus will be on Venmo and offer CashApp for cross-platform reception.

One of my future plans involves a transparent share of some performance indicators – top contributors, funding percentages, weekly goals, and use of funding

  • The blog posts will detail expenditures, necessities, wants – all focused on the art.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to use the funds accordingly, I will not buy another memory card if I haven’t eaten all day during a shoot.


The increase in income will liberate creative burdens

  • Extra earning potential creates opportunities for expansion, travel, and focused development.

"Ask and ye shall receive"

  • Upon a return to Instagram, venmo + CashApp accounts will remain in the bio as a reminder to visitors and followers alike.

  • This new approach will also lead to a section on the portfolio, and bi-weekly reminders for you to think of your friendly neighborhood black kid.

I can only smile at those that appreciate my work. I have actions for those that pay for it.

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