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You can thank Eve for this one.

It is to my utmost pleasant surprise that a fair a maiden as Eve appreciate my work to such lengths. Thanks to a nice tip, I probed into the depth of my following on this platform. Pausing with a look back, in after thirteen or so moons felt fitting. The site held great revelations.

Black Clover, Tabata Yuuki, Chapetr 172
I can't shake that feeling.

Aside from having an exalted supporter after all this time, I also observed strange phenomenon. I understand I’m only human, a fledgling adult male at that, and namely, small time college kid. So my nascent ability to interact with the mysterious and wonders of the blockchain is under development. That aside, how can I have such a low level of interaction with my little congregation of an audience? Save an exalted few, the frequency of contact with a swath of individuals is virtually, nay, say absolutely zero.

Dr. Stone, Inagaki Riichirou, Chapter 72

While I wrestle with my worries, I’ll continue in the same manner as I have before. I have no doubt in my work, but I must question the nature of everyone around and their resolve. At what point does this behavior become operant? We seem to be quick to engage on a surface level, with motivations on a spectrum, but there seems to be no sincere efforts. The dead lead a long line behind me, inactive users but only to my content; otherwise present on the site! I can only take that as the greatest insult, people who are behind you but not watching your back? I must reflect on myself before I cast judgment; I shall hold my tongue. I will cull the former from my following, interpret my actions as thou will. I have no desire to remain behind, nor follow those inactive, when I only desire to learn in the field and grow.

The same way this began, I must express my thanks to Eve and all the support from honorable handful. Your contributions do not go unnoticed.

You can thank Eve for this one.

I encourage you to visit my portfolio; the link tied to the pic above. Thank you, Eve.

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Aren't you just the sweetest! I don't feel like I have done anything that special towards you, I really am not that good about curating and commenting because my own stuff demands most of my attention. But I'm happy that you appreciate what little I can do for you, because I really like your photography!


It's always my pleasure, especially to hear such positive remarks. I want you to know your efforts inspire me.


You did pimp him pretty hard last week... small gestures like that mean the world to a lowly photographer ;)

When you are improving yourself by learning and want to grow this way it's the best. It will give so many true followers that those inactive one will never matter try and improve you will surely grow 😊

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