for August 30th

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For August 30th

Opening night sits on the horizon, with thirty-six moons to come.

October 5th, 2018

I heard once that an individual has reached mastery of a skill after ten thousand hours of practice. I know I spend many nights at a time doling punishment in online games, but what of my art?

Goblin Slayer Vol. 3, Kumo Kagyu

I spent a large part of the past year off social media to reach this understanding in my work. It may strike one as odd, to take a passion to such lengths, but in turn, I am stunned by the efforts of those dedicated to their work. More than a duty, to share bustling cityscapes or attractive portraiture, love for the opportunity to create and taste new experiences drives me. The world is a big place. I welcome seeing more of it.

As this journey to create captivating imagery continues, I hope that this undertaking – my solo exhibition on campus – carries the weight of the vision I behold.

Click the pic to visit the portfolio. @juicyfruit pictured.

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This post is so simple but at the same time so meaningful and moody! The pictures are great and your writing about what drives you as an artist is really beautiful, though it's short it's also clever. The overall post really gives you a sensation of peace and wisdom. Good job!

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Thank you. I'm glad you found it to your liking. Consider me interested in the CELF project.

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