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RE: A Story from the 90's

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All my stories from the 90' are peculiar. 😆

I was smoking stale crackers and was pretending that they were cigars. I received my first perfume (Malizia Bon Bon) as an apology after I beat the crap out of a guy who was making fun of me for being not so well dressed. Stole some Kinder surprise eggs from a store and gave them to my friends who never tasted chocolate...yeah..."good times".


Hahah, how exactly did you smoke those stale crackers? To my knowledge, they have a biscuit-like form! I see you had a turbulent childhood 😁 I got a Kinder Surprise egg from my company yesterday - a bonus for the upcoming Easter. To be honest, they suck nowadays. Back in the 90's, they had a collection with figures from the The Predator with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I would rip half of the cracker, put it in my mouth and set it on fire and somehow inhaled the smoke with the help of my trusted hands. Pretty disturbing 😁 Must've been my version of CRACK. 😂😂 😂

I loved the collections they had. The Smurfs, Happy Hippos, Ventura Leos. However, my favorites were Tom and Jerry at the beach.

Oh my god 😂 That sounds horrible, but who I am to judge - I used to inhale smoke from matches.

Look what I got yesterday

Downright offensive. 😂 What happened to licensed Kinder toys from Disney?

Did it come with an instruction manual? 😁

I had to look up what a kinder surprise egg was. Apparently they are available in the US now, but before they were approved it was a $2500 fine for smuggling those into the US.

I don't think they fine drug smugglers that much.

I don't think it is the original Kinder. I believe it's Kinder Joy which they said it's safer. Is it the one with chocolate-covered wafer?

I still think you will be fined $2500 for an original Kinder. 😂

But they don't make them like they used too. Even the chocolate tastes different. The giant Ferrero screwed the recipe.

@smawkward @szuri Whaaaat? 🙄😵 $2500 fine for a "chocolate" egg that costs $0.90? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

I'm not sure which one I had...

from what I read it seems as though customs gave out a lot of warnings. The $2500 fine was probably just to discourage people doing it on purpose.

I am not sure if it was the one with a waffer or not. Like everything else, Ferrero was probably just wanting to cut cost.

That's a great prize for Kinder eggs....did you eat that nasty egg too? blech. I don't like them at all. My grandkids used to like them but I don't recall them eating the actual candy, they just wanted the prize.

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