"My addiction" Contest - Week 8

in #photofeed6 years ago

This is my entry into this weeks photo fun contest for my addiction.

My big addiction in life is coke and crisps/potato chips as you can see in my photo below.

photo taken by @stefi11

If you like to enter this competition please have a look at the link below where you can read the guidelines to the contest.

Thank you for visiting......until next time!


me adhiero a la adicción, alarga la vida haha

thanks for the entry into the contest @stefi11, and good luck

Hola Stefi, gracias por el aporte, ya te estoy siguiendo! Si me pudieras seguir sería genial,
Espero que agregues contenido pronto para leerte!

P.D. Te he dejado un merecido upvote! ^_^
steemit - upvote.jpg

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