[PHOTO] Abandoned Shit: a corridor in Fort de la Chartreuse

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The 'Abandoned Shit Weekly' contest by @customnature is probably my favourite on the Steemit platform. There are many photo contests available on Steemit but I'm most of the times disagreeing with the ways they are judged, so I often choose not to enter. @customnature's contest however, is actually explicitly not a photography contest! Instead this is a contest where on human who loves Abandoned Shit has to appeal to the heart of another human that loves Abandoned Shit. If your image for whatever reason inspires @customnature you win. Period.

Now, since it's not a photography contest I often have looked through my pictures and selected a different picture than I would otherwise have done. The 'best' pictures of my Urban Exploration adventures are not always the ones that would win the Abandoned Shit contest. Simply because they are more artistic than really showing how amazing the place is overall.

Today I'm taking a bit of a gamble, but since this week's theme is 'Black & White' (which I consider more as an arty theme than a theme based on content) I am posting a picture that is a bit more artistic than my other entries in this contest.

Since I got asked before 'what am I seeing exactly?': I'm standing in front of a wall with graffiti sprayed on it. The wall goes around a corner, but you don't see that part of the wall because I purposely left it out of the picture. Instead I've positioned myself in a way so that about half of the picture shows the artwork, and the other half shows a corridor. It's a corridor in the abandoned and immensely impressive 'Fort de la Chartreuse'.


I remember the excitement while I was taking this picture, because I was walking around the fort with three other photographers with different experience levels, but somehow knew that although we would have some overlapping themes in our picture, this one somehow was exemplary for me and what I see as a photographer.

As always, check out @customnature's contest and join with your own Abandoned Shit! Last week's theme (Overgrowth) got some pretty cool entries, so you might want to check those out too!

All photography on steemit.com/@soyrosa is created and edited by me, Rosanne Dubbeld, 2005-2018. Contact me if you want to discuss licensing or collaborations on creative projects :-)

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Woah that looks creepy. But I love the texture and depth in this. Great call on making it black and white.

Awesome entry, Rosanne! I really like how you split the photo in two :)

I agree - really fun contest!