Ordinary streets | Extraordinary moments | #5

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Ordinary streets in downtown Manhattan. I love New York City and the people - they seem to go nowhere and everywhere with that exact same fast pace, high buildings, lots of visual input, a river always at the end of your walks if you want it.

It's a perfect city for photography, because: nobody cares! Much much different in Paris, where people spot you and your camera everywhere and they try to avoid it whenever they can.

The guy with the hat, police stopping their car. The guy making a gesture: "Ah, come on! I'm just walking!"

PA190385_copyright_rosanne-dubbeld.jpg click for better viewing

I don't know their history, but they seem to have one. I capture his posture and the eye contact the two men are having, one from the car, the other from the street.

Fancy street photography yourself? Join the contest @derangedvisions is holding this week! (Hint: street photography is more than a picture taken on a street!)


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Verry good

cmon, why always me :D

Great shot!

Ahahahah... You killed it

Wow I totally love this one! It tells a story!!

awesome! Do you like The Sartorialist? I love looking at people I don't know!

I love NY! I ran out of space of memory cards each time I get there. ;0)

There's a lot to love here. I would definitely dig more in this series. I love guessing what's going on. I find NY fascinating also, though I'd never want to live there.
First of all, the reflection in the window, just holy wow. It's mesmerizing.
Then the story of the two. I'm pretty deeply immersed in racial justice issues in the US, and I've seen first hand how incredibly awful it is. In fact I have read some awful corruption stories about NYPD specifically. Of course the young man could be a repeat offender. It is perhaps my bias that makes me look at him and think he is being hassled. He just looks tired of it all. My first feeling of the photo is a mix of anger, frustration, and sadness. Whatever is happening, there is clearly a power differential. Lots of intricate emotion here. Thanks for sharing.

I very much like the painterly quality of this shot. In fact I thought is was a painting at first glance.