Wedding Photo of the Day 17/06

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The last few weeks have continued in the same 'height of summer madness' vein as usual but this year I feel like I might have started to crack the mental side of things. Compartmentalizing work and everything else that goes into a usual week - busy or otherwise!

The Ninja Training is going well, no hints of overtraining yet and I'm certainly starting to feel stronger! On the triathlon side of things I think - for the moment at least - I just don't have the urge to compete. I want to carry on going out on my bike, running, and open water swimming, but just for fun! The truth is I had enough of competition as a kid, now when I head to a triathlon my heart gets going, the adrenaline gets pumping and I just don't enjoy the feeling!

Jess  Zack - Sansom Photography-372.jpg

Anyway I realise that all has nothing to do with this photo, but then again most wedding photos are pretty self explanatory!

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This is awesome!!

Love the glow man, this is beautiful! Resteemed.

Beautiful shot! Love the warmth.