Recent Snaps from Lofoten and thoughts on social Media.

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Hey Hey,

I’ve been pretty reluctant to post any photos over the past couple months. 5 photos to instagram over the past 10 weeks even though i’ve taken hundreds. In fact I wasn’t even using my drone or camera again until a couple of days ago. A friend asked if I could take some extra photos for the arcticcoworkinglodge so I charged some batteries and reloaded my backpack.

Where did the reluctance come from? I’ve been struggling to come up with a good reason why people post to social media? A couple weeks ago I posted a photo/message to Instagram with some thoughts. I had some interesting responses, check it out if you want


“I’ve been trying to figure out why I feel so much resistance to posting more photos.

I’m not sure I’ve fully processed whatever I’m thinking about but here’s some thoughts I’ve had. Maybe you’ve had similar?

Are my photos telling the stories I really care about?

Am I feeding a scrolling culture that I don’t agree with (is it even worth a thought because I can’t control how others use the platform)

For awhile I had plans to get better at photo/video with the intention of eventually doing paid work. I’ve since decided that’s not my aim and find myself asking what is the purpose of posting?

I don’t want external validation, is posting publicly inadvertently asking for it?

If I think I’m posting my photos to show my friends should I instead just send that same photo to them privately?

is posting and getting likes inflating an ego I don’t want?

So much thought on what should probably just be... “hey everyone here’s a picture I took” .

ps Happy Thursday ✌️

What do you think about the current state of sharing on Social Media?

I’m still not 100% back onboard but I decided to share some extra snaps regardless and in general just not think about it.

Here’s some photos from the weekend ✌️





Hope you're doing well and flowing through life.


This must be a cool lonely place, beautiful though.

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It's not lonely but there's not many people around. Society creates this idea that being alone means you're lonely, but they're nowhere near the same thing.

You're right it's pretty cool though and the views are intense 😃

That is nice to hear. And you're correct, you can be in a crowded place and still be lonely.

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Lately I've not posted too much either, but glad you decided to share some great pictures ;D

Thanks mate. Have a bunch from the past view days. Think i'll post a few more to Steem and Instagram now. Also just got an invite to @appics today so might take that for a spin.

p.s interface really does K.O photos now :(

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