Sailing to Ameland [Blog]

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Sometimes when you are sailing to Ameland you are risking to fall dry. In other words: there is not enough water to go all the way and you need to wait. This leads to some outstanding behaviors. It almost seems that there is a new harbor in the middle of the sea since everybody is waiting to go further. Round about 14 ships needed to wait for a few hours till the flood was bringing enough water so that we can pass the region with shallow waters. Here you see some photos from this event.

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It is incredible what light does to colors. The amazing contrast between the first and the second pictures, for instance. Both equally beautiful, one intense silver, the other intense blue.
These are incredible pictures. The ample shots and the combination of clouds and light provide amazing effects.
I find the third one very poetic.With all these vessels growing increasingly smaller and yet increasingly shinier.

glad you like it! thank for your poetic words :))) and you are most true about the light and the colors... crazy, he?

all the best!

Beautiful! The wait made for some great pictures.

Thank you very much:))

wow those are some really great shots man! love the one with the huge cluster of clouds hanging above the sails!

Great photos, I love to browse and see these photos reminds me of my last trips haha

great that i can bring back some memories :) on what boat did you sail?

Such a surprise event, it is not in my memory that I had read anywhere that a situation like this happens. Boats need to wait until there is enough water to wade through.

I really appreciate for your timely thought to provide the concerned wikipedia link of the location as I was thinking which country is this and what is the location, and it was really helpful in a click and quick glance over the page.

The photos are also excellent to say the least. The water and the not so bright reflections of sunlight on it, the boats waiting on a line, and the framing of the snaps are all equally good.

Good things are to be appreciated, and steemit that will come in the form of up votes and curation and you deserved to get the Curie Curation. Cheers

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angel, thank you for your kind words! I am glad this post has reached you. As always I write down the locations in my photo statistics :) - The north sea in the netherlands is one big sandbank and since traditional vessels sail without keel (just daggerboards) this happens from time to time

i marked the spot for you on this map here:,5.450935,13 - you clearly can see the shallow parts :)


That's a lovely reply and happy to hear it. Frankly speaking I did not gone through any of your other blog I think. but you were short in description but at the same time trying to be perfect also by mentioning about further details like sand dunes, Keel etc.

I will check the location. Keep connected and stay blessed

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my pleasure, i tend to add a [BLOG] in the heading if i write something more or post more photos or a particular story, but overall I am just a sailing photographer :)

Haha... I am really happy to hear one more tribes of photographer - The Sailing Photographer". The photos were excellent by the way. Wish I could visit once or join you.

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very cool! achievement unlocked :)

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i am happy you like this post! thanks a lot! :))