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A perfect view to see how beautiful the Empire State Building. Sunset or Sunrise is perfect. Go with your loveones to see the spectacular view from the top. 98B7C512-D4ED-4B68-8BF7-010D3E85CCC6.jpeg



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Thank you. Done :)

Thank You Reggie,
You have been verified for that page.

Cool photo! Congrats, you've been resteemed by us!

Thank you so much :)

Perfect shot! I started following you sir Reggie, looking forward for more awesome photography. <3

Thank you sir! Will follow you as well..

following you, ganda ng photo! upvoted! will check other photos! more shots pls. Godbless

Yes sir. Will post soon. Thank you :)


This is amazing photo I love New York and the Empire State Building<3

Thank you. Yes, New York is a lovely place to visit. Please visit my profile for more photos. :)

Thank you. If you have time please visit my profile and upvote my other photos. Please follow me also. Thank you :)

Wow! That's amazing!

Thank you. For more photos please visit my profile. Please follow me also. :)

Awesome photography dear keep it up i follow you

Thank you. ThNk you for the folow as well :)

No way that's a real photo - planes don't fly that close to the Empire State Building. I do love the idea though.

Yes it is a composite photo. Just want to catch the viewers. So I add up an artistic touch to give a different perspective on how I can show the view. Please visit and follow my profile. Thank you :)

Very well done - you caught my eye for sure. :D

Thank you so much

Thank you. Please visit my profile and follow me :)

Malupit to ryan haha

Thank you sir. Please visit my profile for more photos. Thank you

Beautiful shot. Do check my profile :)

Thank you. Please do check my profile as well.. :)

Following you already mate :)

I will never get a photo like that. I can't talk myself into flying. I'm happy on the ground lol. That is a cool photo. It connects the ground with the sky.

Thank you for the appreciation. Please do checl my profile for more. :)

Amazing shot 🤙🏽

Thank you! For more photos you can check out my profile and please follow me.. thanks

What impresses me most is how perfectly lit the window is!!

Thank you. Yup did some more retouching for that. Please check out my profile for more photos and please follow me also :)

Really stunning shot.

Thank you. Please upvote my photo and follow me aswell.. :)

So creative! I love it! Did you use multiple exposures or just one?

Thank you so much.yes i did use of multiple photos and composite it using Photoshop. I did a different way on how I want to show the view in another perspective.:) please check my profile for other photos also :)

Galing! I like the framing. A sense of perspective. #upvoted

Up voted and followed you for being creative! This photo is picture perfect loving it!

Thank you. Please upvote my photo also.. :)

Amazing shot! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! Please feel free to visit my profile and upvote some of my work.. :)

Beautiful lighting. I love the framing. What camera and lens did you use?

Thank you. I used fujifilm xt-20 18-55mm lens. And did some photoshop to composite my photos. :) please visit my profile and upvote my other works. Please follow me also :) thanks

Will do. Same for you!

I have a new post.. please upvote also..thank you! Followed you already

Perfect photo of a perfect scene in a perfect frame. Amazing and beautiful.

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Perfect shot!

Thank you. Please visit my profile for more post and please follow me also :)

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