I love photographing people on narrow streets whenever i'm in Rome

in photofeed •  last year 

There's something about the streets of Rome. Whenever I get there I'm not interested in people packed tourist sights, I run away from them. I like getting lost on the narrow streets whithout a target in mind. I always find little coffee shops and spend there about an hour feeling the pulse of the street and after that I roam around the streets, camera in hand just lookin for that ONE image.

This one is called "Retired superhero"

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This is actually a good image. Im going to try this in my Crypto Summit visit to Costa Rica.


Thanks so much! I used an ultra wide angle lens at 10mm if it helps :)

Any Steemin's in Rome you know?


Not yet. I'm on Steemit only for 4 days now. Hope on meeting some while I'm here. :)

Love this picture, nice contrast!


Thank you so much!

hello frend..



Excelentă! Followed.


Multumesc tare mult! Followed back