Magical Lofoten - Lines and curves...

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Hi Folks!

Hope You are all fine!

Today newest post from my recent Lofoten Workshops...

Leading lines, perspective, foreground, working with light and colours, building the composition... Among all the beauty around - during the workshops we always work on these elements to capture the surrounding landscapes in the most interesting way... and to improve our photographic skills.

Shoreline of Utakleicv is perfect for finding interesting geological formations for our foregrounds.

Shot taken during my Wintertime Landscape Photography Workshops, March 2020.

New offer for the workshops - dates, details, bookings, big galleries and more NOW LIVE!

Feel free to visit:

Autumnal Lofoten

Landscape Photography Workshops
10-17 October 2020
5 places available

Arctic Lights on Lofoten Islands

Landscape Photography Workshops & Aurora Hunting
23-30 January 2021
5 places available

Wintertime Magic on Lofoten

Landscape Photography Workshops
6-13 March 2021
5 places available

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Hey! Will you also migrate to Hive ? Most of the community did already. I would love to see your content in the future as well but I'm not using Steem anymore.

I am always behind the news... what is the Hive and how it works - why it is better than Steem - what with all th steem and steempower I have gathered so far? I always have many questions when I am not in the subject ;)... If You can explain me a bit how it works - I will be gratefull, if not, I will try to look around to get more info :)

Oh yes, you are :D You probably have heard the troubles with Justin Sun ( new owner of the steemit inc.) and the hostile takeover he tried. Our community tried to negotiate with him but it was a lost hope. So now the big stakeholders like blocktrades, community members and developers, developed a whole new blockchain named HIVEmind. It's basically an exact copy of Steemit. The new front end is You already have an account there, everyone who had an account on steemit has an account already there. You have to log in with the same keys you already have. The snapshot has been taken of the steem platform. All you had here, is there also, all your followers, reputation, your posts, all stays the same. You will also have the same amount of new HIVE token in your wallet as you have here in Steemit.
The purpose of this hard fork was to get rid of Justin Sun and give the power back to the community. Most of the Dapps moved over to Hive, as most of the community.
And some still don't know about the hard fork because they haven't followed the news so I thought I should give you a heads up.
You may ask what happens with your Steem that is still here. Well, nothing happens with it, Steemit still stays running. But the price will probably fall to nothing since most are powering down now( me included ) And for that you can buy a new Hive token if you want.
If you use Steempeak front end instead of then the PeakD is the new name of Steempeak on Hive chain.

I will leave this link here, which will give you much more information than I could ever give you.

Exciting times are ahead!

Great, thanks a lot for all the info, I am far behind the news on steem platform. I will take a look at Hive right now.
What do You suggest then - Power down until the end and sell the steem for Hive tokens? or just sell it and forget ;)...

No problem! Well, thats the choice you have to make. I will power down and probably buy Hive for all of the steem.

It seems that the wallet not working there yet? Anyway, I will start powering down slowly here, will be watching the progress on the hive - right now I have a strong feeling that the Hive is like in "Beta" version - social media based on blockchain are still very low on people... I still have hope it will change again in future but if the price of steem, hive or any other crypto be as low all the time - not many new people will decide to join and more and more will leave... pesimistic thoughts as always from my side ;).

Yes true, the future will show us what will happen.

Yes on it's not working yet but when you use ( and go to the wallet, then it works!

Hi, just wanted to check how the PeakD is working and looking now - but have no idea how I can login, I installed the keychain plugin for chrome - I connect to my steem account and... nothing is happening with PeakD. Cannot locate any tutorial for this. Thanks for any info!

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!

I am !DERANGED and give some away too...

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