Introducing PhotoFeed - The Premier Steemit Photo Featuring Project

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PhotoFeed is a project spear-headed by @jrue, @aweber, @yumyumseth and @cryptoctopus that aims to improve the experience of those who want to see beautiful professional photography on

If you are a professional photographer, you are probably frustrated by the #photography tag at this point. The main reason we've found that the photography tag falls flat is that nearly every post, regardless of the topic, includes the photography tag. Essentially, browsing the photography tag is useless.

While we wait for the future developments that will make the experience on the steem blockchain more pleasant, the @photofeed project is moving forward to provide a solution immediately while building solutions for the future.

Our solution has 4 parts:

  1. Launching the #photofeed hashtag
  2. Having a powerful curation trail that is profitable for everyone
  3. Weekly round-up post to increase the exposure and share the rewards with great artists
  4. Getting ready for communities as well as a possible app down the line

How to Participate

  1. Join our curation trail at
  2. Post your high quality photography using the #photofeed hashtag
  3. Get rewarded for your good work!


@PhotoFeed has the backing of @cryptoctopus and he is sponsoring this initiative with his vote. To maximize participation and curation rewards for others, he will upvote 30 minutes after we do. If you upvote before we do (and @cryptoctopus), not only will you help people find good photography but you will also make a profit doing so!

Plans for the Future

  • The community feature should come within the next few months, opening much needed improvements in the discoverability of content while allowing for better moderation. With the support of @cryptoctopus, we will bootstrap a PhotoFeed community that empowers amateur and professional photographers to share their art.

  • An app/website and/or a Smart Media Token specialized for high quality photography is not out of the question either but we will wait until we have a better understanding of the technology landscape before we move forward with these ideas.

Get involved!

  1. If you’re a photographer, use #photofeed as a tag. We’ll look at every photo posted there.
  2. Join our curation trail at to help reward amazing photography.
  3. Follow us at @PhotoFeed to see the best photo content on Steemit.


Major thanks to @aweber for the picture! Check out his page!

its a great product.

You believe you can fly in this Platform

Checkout my blog “init”, I uploaded some photos I took of Crater Lake.

I'm following back and I'm sharing the content of followers organically. My account for following back is:@followback

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That is a great idea. Photography tag is definitely overused too much and it's not very relevant to the content it's used on. Hopefully, photofeed tag will have great success and a lot of great photographers will get rewarded for their hard work! Cheers.

good man!!

Put it to use today , I’m really exited for this new project . Wishing you guys the best


Jesus Christ, I was so impressed with Steemit at first, but this exact thing has been killing it for me. I don't mean to be rude, but your froyo snap with your iPhone 4 isn't what I wanna browse when I'm in Photography

This is a step in the right direction! Will post there frequently

agreed @greatheights.

Haha too true!

Lol,but i thought we are here to here to help each other grow....

Exciting plans! Looking forward to seeing this in action.

Nice post

Awesome project, I'll definitely be using this to showcase my photography works from my travels around the world :)

Great Idea, i will follow it :D

Sky is the limit. thankx

It's so beautiful to have you here on steemit. I took time to come welcome you and I know you will love it here. Welcome to our family. @greatness96

Great idea! Good luck!

What front-end are you going to recommend to display images? Steemit (condenser) is currently very bad at it and only show thumbnail sized images.

It's so beautiful to have you here on steemit. I took time to come welcome you and I know you will love it here. Welcome to our family. @greatness96

Every attempt at sanitizing this community gets my support. Upvoted and followed. Thanks @photofeed for this post and thanks to @jrue, @aweber, @yumyumseth and @cryptoctopus for this initiative.

Thoroughly agree my friend, and have upvoted you accordingly

Awwww yeah! Backed by my favourite photographers on the platform, this is a great idea! I've now followed the curation trail since this is something I totally, totally, totally support! Tag spam drives me crazy on this platform, especially since I'm working to try and help new users on the platform... and IntroduceYourself just gets smashed with everything.

Well done dudes, very excited about this!
Hopefully this takes off and the future holds some #photofeed-portrait #photofeed-landscape #photofeed-sports down the line.

Great idea. Definitely something we'll consider down the road!

Wow! this is a great idea, atleast I can now know the tag to get to see best and professional photos from.

The only problem I'm thinking is the tag getting overflooded with the same people that totally destroyed the #photography tag.

I wish this project t best knowing that it's the brainchild of good hands and it'll surely be a success.

Happy Steeming

#bescouted and #portraitphotography don't have this problem. I'm optimistic.

Such a great idea! Are you open to hobby photogs....or can only professional photographers participate?

Anything goes if it's good enough!

How does one dictate if it's good enough, @photofeed? I take a lot of photos of our travels, and have some photography education, but don't consider myself "a photographer".

ok i get it as answer)

I am not a "professional" photographer, but I have a decent camera and i do like taking some nice snaps once in a while. Is it okay to use the #photofeed tag? I don't wanna misuse the tag so I wanna know if it's okay with curation team.

Cheers and good luck!!

Feel free to tag #photofeed so we at least have a chance to look at it! :)

Thank you :) Just posted my first #photofeed :D

Thanks a lot for this initiative!
We needed this for sorting out and filtering great photos!
Let's hope it doesn't get crowded with random snapshots :)

Great initiative, but my understanding is that if I join the curation trail that I'll automatically be upvoting any photos that photofeed upvotes... is that accurate? I'm not sure I'd be down with that.

I'm the same way, giving someone else access to "use" my votes, and post from my account weather I like the photo or not seems not ok. Correct me if im wrong @photofeed , but thats how it seems.

he follow and upvote I follow and upvote back

Wow your picture looks amazing!

This sounds like a great initiative... I am hoping to post more and better photographs in the future once I have my feet under the table here!! Will definitely get involved with the hashtag. Great work everyone :-)

I'm glad to see this post! I post photos almost everyday and hopefully, this exciting project will encourage more people to take quality photos for everyone to enjoy.

Let's see if you are actually able to distinguish professional from amateur photo. Take a quick quiz and chose the one that you think it's professional and not the work of amateur:

Thanks @photofeed for creating this initiative 😀👍😎 Have an amazing day you guys!

Great idea! I'm new to Steemit, and I wasn't very impressed by the landscapephotography, or any of the photography tags for that matter, so I will definitely be looking for quality images using the photofeed tag. I just added a few myself.

Awesome idea, every body is usying photography tag despite of relevance of his post with that tag, I wish photofeed tag hit the sky and become the best platform for photographers to get reward of their hard work.

what a great idea!! so glad to see this iniciative and I hope and I know this going to be really BIG!

thank you so much!

Dope, looking forward to this and adding content to #photofeed of my travels around the world

Great plans and nice expectations indeed.
I hope we will see this in action very soon.
Keep it up

Nice initiative. Good opportunity for serious photographers.

Thanks @photofeed , this picture is really awesome....., and Photographiers really inspired that types of pictures 😊

When you mean "post a hashtag" do you mean within the post, or the 1 out of 5 tags? Pretty new onto the platform but hoping to port my followers from other platforms over here and trying to find out different ways to incentivize them that doesn't involve Botting.

Welcome! You should use it as one of your five tags.

Oh thanks. Roger!

Hello! I am Kevin. I'm an online fitness coach :)
Follow me for a follow back and upvote.
Check out my posts and if you need a meal or workout plan, let me know :D

This is very interesting in addition to D-Tube,, you are taking Steemet to another level. CHEERS

This is a great initiative. Keep on making Steem it the best. Congratulations.

Just remarkable photography skills.

Amazing idea.
Keep it up
Thanks for sharing it.
Upvoted and resteemed

I just also made an Introduction. Love yours please check mine out!

Man I could not agree more with every word written in this post, thank you for this!! I hope that the idea will come to life, and I'm definitely joining in!

Hey I'm new to steemit and I have high quality photos and have been seeing very little views on my photos! I will start using the #photofeed and see if it works:)

Superb!! Looking forward to use #photofeed! Upvoted and following!

Congrats and best of luck. Will be using the tag for sure.

Very innovative @photofeed creating More opportunities to earn here and show casing photography as a power tool🔥👍

Awesome! I love how the photography community on Steemit is growing. I will try using the #photofeed hashtag for my next posts and see how it goes! Thank you for this great initiative :)

I gave it a try and published my first #photofeed post, excited to see if I will make it to your curation :)

I am one to the extraordinary project of #photofeed I have a question as I configure Steemaouto for the healing I appreciate your help

Very interesting project. I'll be sure to include the #photofeed on my future photography posts.

nice initiative. joined

Great project! Great initiative! Good luck!

wow so beautiful to watch clouds ..
i can't join this time..
but my support is with you ..
upvoting your post .
upvote back please ..

I'll be following along with what you're doing and tagging a few of my shots.

I mentioned this elsewhere but thanks @cryptoctopus for checking out the picture I posted, that was a fun little experience.

Great initiative, I'm looking forward to many amazing photos to come!

Can’t wait, looking forward to see more amazing photos on steemit

Quite interesting content, good read and very informative. Thanks

I like the way you guys are thinking right now. Oversaturation of bad photos. It's inevitable on this platform the way it is now. Hopefully developments will improve the problem. If not, creative ideas like this will help. Godspeed.

Amateur photog and Steem newb. I suppose the spaam thing is too be expected, but I'm stoked to see how communities form to push back. Following and went to sign up to help, but the /auth page is taking forever "waiting for Account name"... Looking forward, regardless

ohh man this is so good i loved it and soon i am going to join it as i read the article this is great idea thanks fr making this

What an awesome idea! What a great way for us to get rewarded for our work and time!

Excited to be a part of this! Good write up @jrue.

Thank you for sharing

like these kind of photos, love to see high quality images!

Good work gentlemen!

Thanks, it is a beautiful photo. Would anyone want to try it ?

I post a lot of photography on here and my father who is also a photographer just started as well... So I'll definitely give the tag a try and suggest my father try it also. Thanks! You have some great goals, good luck with your efforts! :)

Wahh ....
Ide yang sangat bagus

welcome to the steem community!!

very interested in this project! got my follow!

Damn you're so Lucky!!!

This is incredible and is actually encouraging to create great content for Steemit. Might have to brush off the old camera and see what I can do. @tattoodjay @old-guy-photos @dswigle @thealliance.

thanks for tagging me mate, this is interesting for sure

nice picture

This is a very welcome change to the way photography is handled on Steemit! I'm a professional photographer who has been very frustrated by the use of the photography tag. I will be checking thi out tomorrow when i have time. Resteeming!

Well done guys. This is a great idea.
All the very best with this project you have just added another supporter to this venture.

awesome picture. God job

Great initiative Columbus Mafia!

This is a great idea, lol had a similar one but kow I will follow you and provide some pictures too :)

Great Picture and amazing place of background, I visited also this area.

@photofeed this sounds like a great idea :) I hope I qualify :D Best wishes to all and @cryptoctopus thanx for supporting this project <3

This is a very good idea! The photography tag is indeed overused. There needs to be a better way to find good photos on steemit. This sounds like a great alternative. I'm looking forward to the community feature too.

Good initiative

Really appreciate the intent behind this great initiative specially every one supporting to upvote quality photographs . But could you share some more thoughts on what would happen when everyones start using this #photofeed tag just like #phtotography.

Great photography.

Great photography.

good post friends ,,, I like it, I ask for a moment, make upvote and resteem, my blog for a moment

I love this! As a professional photographer, I do feel like my photos get buried under posts of ill composed underexposed cell phone shots that are added to posts that have nothing to do with photography...and it's annoying!

I think it's a great change as way too many people use the photography tag with cell-phone made pictures. I hope this project really succeeds !

Hi, i am yzah. Very nice post, i will follow you hoping you will follow me too. God bless

It is a nice activities! Thank for your efforts to support steemit!

Excellent idea, we can finally have a easy way to find good quality pictures and get the rewards to creators and curers!

excellent project! we are expecting excellent photos of pro and also amateur who are also very talented.

Welcome! FOLLOW me please!

What do you mean by high quality picture? Are you speaking resolution or quality as of the beauty of the picture?

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