Daily Photofeed Round-Up #68

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68 days in and still chugging along!
I, @jrue, am amazed at the quality of content I scroll though every time my turn comes around to do the resteeming. I also checked today and saw that PhotoFeed is about half way to reaching the default list of top tags featured on the side bar! I would be SO ECSTATIC if we made it!

Any-Hoosiers (that's a March Madness reference), here's what you came for:

For those of you that are new, here is a quick reminder of who we are and what we are about. @photofeed is run by @cryptoctopus, @jrue, @aweber, and @yumyumseth.
Here's what you can expect to see on a regular basis from PhotoFeed:

  1. Up to 5 resteems every day showing off and rewarding the top content posted to #photofeed.
  2. A daily wrap up post highlighting and rewarding the 3 best photos from the previous day.
  3. 1 weekly post to congratulate our favorite photo of the week.

Steemauto seems to be functioning properly currently, so go join our curation trail and rack up those rewards!

If you know of any talented photographers that are not posting in #photofeed or are not on Steemit, let them know about this project!

1/2 of the SBD of this post goes to the great photographers featured below, and the other 1/2 currently is going towards increasing rewards in the future!

Here are our favorite photos that we resteemed on March 19th:

From @jchauhan, a great set of some great fluffers:

From @thuylannguyen, a beautiful macro shot:

From @rahmadantara, a great shot of a photographer at work:

If you haven't heard of PhotoFeed (or even if you have), our goal is to promote and reward the best photography on Steemit.

Make sure to follow these photographers for more quality content!

Here's how you can get involved:

  1. If you’re a photographer, use #photofeed as a tag. We’ll look at every photo posted there.
  2. Join our curation trail at steemauto.com to help reward amazing photography and earn some nice curation rewards for yourself (steemauto seems to be up and running agin, so come join the fun!).
  3. Follow us at @PhotoFeed to see the best photo content on Steemit.

If you would like your image removed from this post, leave a comment below (you will not receive any rewards if your image is removed).

As always, please feel free to comment with any feedback or questions regarding the PhotoFeed project. We don't always have time to answer all the comments, but we do read them and appreciate your input!!!

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amazing art of work. sometimes capturing a good moment in your camera piece helping people to remember the good time. these pictures has aesthetics. good work

All beautiful and well-deserved selections, keep it up guys and show us more beauty of this amazing world with the help of your camera...

congratulations @jchauhan, @rahmadantara and @thuylannguyen!

Thank you.!

thank you buddy :)

Nice thing you guys are doing! :)
And nice photos that you get this way...i will take some time to also post some photos, beside my drawings :)

All the best!

photo of a project that i did in Bucharest

Amazing selection!

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Thank for sharing this @fotofeed

wow ..it's very nice photography....