Mototaki Falls, Japan

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During a recent trip to Japan I had the opportunity to explore the Tohoku region which covers a few different prefectures in the north. Usually at this time of year there is quite a bit of snow covering the area, they had an unseasonably warm period where very little snow fell in some of the regions though.

I used this time to visit a few waterfalls I'd found in my research. One of my favourites from the region was the Mototaki Waterfall, it seemingly comes out of nowhere in the hillside! I have a bit of a "soft spot" for green mossy boulders and creeks and I absolutely love snow, so this was everything I love in nature all in the one spot!

Here is a quick (1 minute) behind the scenes video:

And some more photos:





I'm working on a full write up of my visit to the region at the moment!

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Wooow 😍
Beautiful waterfalls

Thank you :)

Your pictures are fantastic. This is a great place to take pictures. Am I correct in assuming that you were just working with a polarizing filter?

Yes, I usually use a circular polarizer for waterfalls, it cuts through the reflections in the water as well as making the greens more green.

Many thanks for your reply!

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