Take the plunge

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18 meters jump into a cenote. Would you jump?

It took me a while to convince the guards to let me do it. Yet it was worth it in the end, it is one of the best locations I jumped in. The cenotes have a very special energy, no wonder the Mayans thought that it is the gates to the underworld.

Cenote Mexico Cliff Jump Yucatan

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iPhone 8, Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico


How did you convince the guards? and how did you avoid the underworld?

😀 I was really stubborn and trash talking a lot. I also told I know what I am doing.

You can only teleport to the underworld if you do a double backflip.

It looks fun.

It is much more fun than it looks!

Very cool. I've seen some documentaries about the Cenotes in Mexico. Some are really deep.

This one is 46 meters. If shit goes down it will take a while to pull smbd out 😅

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